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Platitude - Secrets Of Life review


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Band: Platitude
Album: Secrets Of Life
Release date: 2003

01. Deception
02. Just One Try
03. Dance Thru The Fire
04. Memories
05. Anima
06. The Last Sunset
07. Raining Tears
08. Secrets Of Life
09. Illusions
10. Evil Sky
11. Wings Of Time [Japanese bonus]

Another power metal release… It seems that everyday a band releases a power metal album, so, if you want to people to notice you, you've got have some differential advantages to stand above the crowd, and at the same time you've also got to have a very unique sound to stay away from the [Helloween / Stratovarius / Gamma Ray] clone label.

So… Does platitude falls in the clone category? Or maybe in the untalented power metal band? I have to say neither of them. So… Do they have any differential advantage above the crowd? Yes they have , first of all the members age range from 16 to 21 years old, if that's not enough for you, they also have 2 keyboardists [7 members!], and if that's even not enough for you, they were produced by the legendary Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, as you can see , Platitude are a bag full of tricks.

Well, introductions over, lets go to the main focus, the music. Platitude are playing Neoclassical power metal, I sense a lot of Malmsteen and Symphony X influences, and that's allright to me, everybody has to have some influences right?

The albums kicks off with 3 really good songs "deception" "Just One Try" and "Dance thru the fire" 3 fast paced well written songs , then they slow things down to bring us a nice ballad called "Memories" this songs reminds me a lot to some Malmsteen ballads, "Save our love" to be more accurate.

Then the records starts to fall down… the songs aren't as complex and catchy as the first 4 ones, but then comes a savior! "Raining tears" comes with a killer and chunky riff that puts me in the mood to keep listening this album! [that was a close one, I was a second away from hitting the stop button!] , Sadly after that wonderful song, I'm boring again, don't get me wrong the songs are not bad, they're only Ok, buts seems that nowadays you've got to be more than ok to stand in the power metal scene.

I was ready to hit again the stop button [because I thought the album was over], and there was another track that I didn't noticed, track number 10 "Evil Sky" this one brought back my faith in this band, I mean the instrumental part is amazing! This song reminded me of Symphony X more than any other, and I must say, excellent closer track!

So, what do I think about this album? A really good debut album indeed, they have some really good songs [and some fillers too], they still need to work to create a more unique sound, and I think they have the talent to do it, and the time too, because they're so young and they have much things to learn. I'll stay alert for their second album.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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