Soulless - Agony's Lament review


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Band: Soulless
Album: Agony's Lament
Release date: 2002

01. Bleeding Darkness
02. Agonies
03. Lament
04. The Soulscythe
05. Empty Deadness
06. Terror Of Twilight
07. Downward
08. Exile
09. Suffer The Fallen
10. The Fleet Of Fury

Lately, the metal scene has been experimenting a comeback of a genre that was very popular in the 80´s , that's right ladies and gentlemen, Thrash Metal! Bands like The Haunted and Darkane are taking the blame of resurrecting this almost forgot genre [thanks for that!].

Soulless aren't newcomers in the scene, this is their second album, released by the Japanese record label World Chaos Production and they're delivering a pure devastating thrash metal attack! Musically these guys will blow your brains out and reduce it to ashes!

Riffing is the name of the game here, sonic riffing! A relentless wave of aggression at the speed of light comes right to your ears, courtesy of two lead guitarists that really know how to Thrash.

The vocalist, reminiscent of the late Chuck Schuldiner, adds the intensity that the riffing requires, the production is excellent and the mix is very well done, a very professional work indeed. Among my favorite songs are the opener 'Bleeding Darkness', the awesome 'Terror Of Twilight' and the closer 'The Fleet Of Fury' [although they all kick ass]

But let's be honest here, as much as I liked this album, these guys didn't invent nothing, and these release doesn't bring something new to the genre, this has been done years ago by memorable acts like Kreator and Destruction. When listening this Cd expect one thing: 10 headbanging tunes filled with neck-breaking riffing, nothing more. THRASH TILL DEATH!!!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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