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Band: Saison De Rouille
Album: Déroutes Sans Fin
Release date: 2014

01. L'oiseau De Chrome (Lande I)
02. Déroutes Sans Fin (Lande II)
03. Le Carnaval (Lande III)
04. Impasse
05. La Vallée De La Ferraille
06. Romances
07. Moteurs Epuisés
08. Sortie

Saison De Rouille are a French industrial metal outfit that are heavy on the industry. The review came my way of Karl S, also with Danishmendt, whose Un Passé Aride release I reviewed favorably.

This is not a catchy-slick cyber assault, a la Fear Factory. Déroutes Sans Fin is an abrasive, discordant assault. Not one driven by guitars, distortion pedals maxed out and amped up to 10 with movie catchphrase samples tossed in, but one driven pounding drums, anchored by some rumbling bass accompanied guitars playing seemingly achromatically a couple steps farther back in the mix.

The vocals are howled/growled, but not in some subsonic death metal way, but raw, naked, angsty… the kind of angsty one might expect if one were tossed into a cement pit under someone's basement and forced to listen to grating discordant noise at all hours.

At times I find this greatly disconcerting. The approach is intriguing, but the music ultimately really rubs me quite the wrong way. Particularly during the opening trio as well as segments of the closer, "Sortie".

Of course, in opting to go for something more complex and considerably less hummable than 4/4 I-IV-V progression, that was probably the aim. Every once in a while a more, uh, traditionally arranged riff shows up, i.e. late in "Moteurs Epuisés" which really stands out and makes it move.

Like Un Passé Aride from his prior act, this was a hard album to review, harder even. It's definitely not for most of the MS crowd, but if the thought of being howled at over sparse yet dense noise is vaguely appealing to you, the latest from SDR is undoubtedly worth your time and earhole.

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Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8


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Written by Darkside Momo on 13.08.2014 at 14:10

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