Morgoth - God Is Evil review


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Band: Morgoth
Album: God Is Evil
Release date: August 2014

01. God Is Evil
02. Die As Deceiver

Mor who? Right. Another death metal band who called it quits nearly two decades ago wants to take another stab at it. Do we really need this?

Oh hell yes we do! After the rather disappointing Feel Sorry For The Fanatic back in 1996, Morgoth comes back with God Is Evil, a crushing 2-song single as a prelude to their upcoming (2015?) full-lengths release, Ungod.

Maybe front-growler Marc Grewe 'felt sorry' for ending the bands reign with the above-mentioned album and got a second wind after the great fan responses to their live gigs over the years. Who knows. One thing is for sure though, God Is Evil hinges on Morgoth's Cursed but with a refreshed sound for modern consumption.

With the addition of ex-Destruction beast Marc Reign the drums bring that little extra. Sebastian's and Harry's guitars are ever so crushing and Marc Grewe's vocals come over as more mature, more in your face, while still maintaining the aggressiveness from years gone by. It seems Morgoth took their time in regards of writing new material to make sure they wouldn't release just another "where are they now" album, reminiscing their earlier work.

Does God Is Evil reinvent the wheel? Not really. The title song is a, at times, mid tempo crusher with an ever so sweet chorus while "Die As Deceiver" can be best described as a sweet, to the point banger. If the upcoming full-lengths will incorporate Odium elements is anybody's guess, I for one would be fine if it wouldn't.

Dear Morgoth! After consuming this appetizer, I am more than ready for the main course; bring it!


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23.08.2014 - 20:14
Account deleted
*Looks at band*
*Hopes for another good death metal album*
*Looks at song title*
*Thinks he knows what kind of review this will be, is disappointed*
*Reads review*
*Body is ready*
23.08.2014 - 22:05
Darkside Momo
I'm certainly curious, but while Cursed is excellent, it's still the Morgoth release I enjoy the least. Oh well, wasn't expecting anythin g different anyway - even if I'd rather have seen them experimenting like they did with Odium

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