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Anubis - Kassandra review

Band: Anubis
Album: Kassandra
Release date: March 2002

01. Körper aus Glas
02. Meine Liebe
03. Pantha
04. Neue Herren
05. Aineias I
06. Hass
07. Ruinen
08. Aineias II
09. Quellen des Seins
10. Kassandra

So, tell me what happens if you got a female voice, some melodic guitar lines, a keyboard, some electronic soundscapes and 6 Germans that dress in black? What happens if you mix it all together and put it on a Cd? Well, then you'll have, Gothic Metal.

As you might guessed by now , Anubis is a Gothic Metal band, they have been around since 1994 and this is their fourth album, they play a Gothic Metal with a lot of Rock influences, keyboards play an important part of their music, and some song features electronic sounds.

The vocals are handled by a young lady called Barbara Volpert, and she does a good work using those vocals chords, I can't compare her voice with anyone because she has a unique, dark voice. As a matter of fact, the music of Anubis is very Dark, so if you're looking for depressive or melancholic, look another way, this is Dark, is the only way I can describe it, and if you add the fact that they sing entirely in German you have yourself a very Dark Record (ok, I won't say the word Dark anymore in this review…)

If you could choose a language for any genre of Heavy Metal what would you chose? Apart from English for Power Metal, French For Death Metal, Italian for Doom, Spanish for Black, I would chose German for Gothic Metal, no doubt about it, such a strong language, of course it would help if I knew German, because I have no idea what they're singing about. Is supposedly a concept album orientated by Christa Wolff's renarration of the Greek Saga, but that's all that I know, sadly, their website is entirely in German too.

At the end, Anubis gives us a nice album, a good listen, there are no tracks that really stick out from the rest in my opinion, but sure is solid release by this German Gothic Metallers.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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