Anubis - Reflections review

Band: Anubis
Album: Reflections
Release date: 2003

01. Sentence
02. Waiting For The Clowns
03. Subconscious Revolution
04. Burn The Empire
05. Everything's Dying Away
06. Fake Me
07. My Weakest Point
08. Decode My Childhood
09. I Owe You Nothing
10. About Us
11. Out Of The Line
12. Drowned Again
13. Medea
14. Falling Apart Eternally
15. April Child [bonus]

I have in my hands the new album of German Gothic sextet Anubis, on the get-go I can notice that something is different, something has changed, my first clue was looking at the cover art, is so bright and full of colors, the cover of their prior album "Kassandra" was so dark and had no "happy" colors… hmmm

My second hint was when I read the tracklist, this time they're singing in English! Their prior album was entirely sung in German, hmmm… that could be a good thing, or a bad thing, well it's better for me, because now I can understand what are they singing about! (last time I didn't understood a thing!) Well, let's listen to this one instead of comparing it to their earlier works.

The album starts with "Sentence" this song has a really creepy piano line, then Barbara Volpert starts singing, you can tell immediately the German accent, but it doesn't bother me at all; Hey, English is not my native language, and I bet I have a funny accent too! Anyway, this track is really boring, it never takes off, it remains with the same not-so-creepy-after-three-minutes piano line.

Next it comes "Waiting For The Clowns" this song takes off from the beginning with strong guitars and nice keyboard use, although the drum sounds strange (Damn that "tin can" effect!), is a good song. But again doesn't stick on my mind, and doesn't count as a "hit" or memorable song, I'm looking for one of those in this album, because that's is what was lacking in their other work, Stand-out tracks, killer songs, call it what you want.

So I was listening the album and then it came track 5 "Everything's Dying Away", at last! a great song, killer one, very melodic, catchy chorus, but wait it's not over, then it comes "Fake Me" another hit! But wait, we slow things now for "My Weakest point", another great track, a slow song this time, with some acoustic guitars thrown in the mix, is definitively a great tune, I'm more than happy now, I was searching for one killer song in this album and now I found three in a row! But wait again, track 9 "I Owe You Nothing" is another great track! Ok, this album is full of great songs... what happened here?

After analyzing this album, is clear that Anubis has musically changed direction, is more "commercial" , less Darker, and I'll bet that now that they sing in English many doors are going to open for them, as a matter of fact, I prefer this new direction. Kudos for Anubis!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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