Blackseed Boys - Pandamonium (The Principle Of Evil Made Ca$h) review

Band: Blackseed Boys
Album: Pandamonium (The Principle Of Evil Made Ca$h)
Release date: 2003

01. Sliced Girls' Wannabe
02. A Journey Through Nightmario Land
03. Don't Tell Madonna
04. Money - Apocalypse Mix
05. Satana de Janeiro
06. Castle Pain - iiiaaaaaa
07. Quit Slapping Saints (The Blackstreet Noise)
08. Shattering Heaven's Door
09. Shadowgate
10. My Kill - Jack's Sin (The Hearse Song)
11. Duck FunOral (Secrets Of The Black Warts)
12. Britney Fears One Whore Crime
13. Christ Mess Goretory (A Violent Night In Jingle Bells)
14. Der Hahn Ist Tod

What can I say? I have in my hands now the dream of every metalhead that enjoys Pop music and video games (if there's any out there, that's it ), Blackseed Boys ladies and gentleman! This is one of the most original projects that I've hear in a long time!!

Imagine this, you're in your house, but there's only one Cd player, you just got home, and you're tired, you want to relax, and of course, listen to some of your records, but Damn! As soon you take out a couple of Cd's to listen, your little teenager sister has taken possession of the Cd player, and he's putting a CD. The electronic drum beats start piercing your ears, is.. is.. no.. it can't be, but as soon the little brat start screaming wildly HOWIE AHHH BRIAN I LOVE YOU!! You know is true… The Backstreet boys, at full Volume! Now you have to listen to the whole Cd several times before the little monster gets tired of singing and dancing at those horrible tunes… As soon things calm down (after 3 spins of that hellish sound), you swear that you'll get revenge! But how? and with what? You've got to put the heaviest and most evil record you posses, so evil and so heavy that you're afraid to listen it as well.
But why put the most heaviest records, if every single Cd you have sounds the same to your little sis? Then it comes you! You have to hit her where it hurts the most, in her frenzied fanatic heart!

So, picture this, your sister is in her bedroom reading her Seventeen magazine and suddenly, it starts… Blackseed Boys! And a cover version of the Backstreet boys hit single "Quit Playing games with my heart"…. In Black Metal! Can you imagine the face on her as she listens her favorite boy band (and her favorite song too!) transformed into shrieks and distorted guitars? YEAH! REVENGE!

On a side note, I'm a grown man now, so is my sister, so the new wave of boy bands didn't got onto my nerves, but there was a time when those Dammed New Kids On The Block were all day long in my sister's player, so if in your next record you include a cover of the NKOTB, I would be eternally in debt (after more than 10 years revenge will be mine!! Watch out sis!!!)

Anyway, that's what Blackseed Boys are all about, They mock both commercial Pop music and "Evil" Black Metal, making covers of commercial pop music, in Black Metal!
So if you want to listen "classics" songs of Britney Spears, Madonna, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan and many more, get this one quickly!! (or download some songs at their official site).

But wait! Besides the Pop covers, they also do metalized versions of tunes from some video games like Mario Bros., Castlevania and Shadowgate, being a big gamer myself I find this a nice bonus!

But wait again! If you purchase this now you also get one nice cover version of Black Funeral's "The Secrets Of The Black Arts" nicely done and with a rapping section included!

No no no, don't stop reading, if you call in the next five minutes they'll throw an extra track! A Black Metal version à la Cradle Of Filth of that Christmas classic "Jingle Bells", you can be the center of attention in the next Christmas family gathering!

So, let's review what you get:
·Pop songs covered in "True" Black Metal
·Metalized Video games Tunes
·Nicely done cover of Dark Funeral (don't forget the rapping!)
·Jingle Bells, just the way your parents like it!

Call now, the operators are waiting!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003


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