Thee Maldoror Kollective - New Era Vital Order (Dogma Slaughterhouse And The Children Of Anaemia) review


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Band: Thee Maldoror Kollective
Album: New Era Vital Order (Dogma Slaughterhouse And The Children Of Anaemia)
Release date: 2002

01. Kaos DNA Released
02. Haemmoragic Transmission
03. Drain-Wound-Cosmosis (Iera Porneusis)

04. Rithmagik Disturbance (Embodiement Cell)
05. La Flamme Vivant
06. Rigid Pulse Starfire (93)

07. The Toxium Discipline (Null Industries)
08. Slaughter Mass 2002
09. Epidemic Noise Age [MZ.412 Remix]

Kaos DNA Released: the name of the first track is a declaration. Of war we can say.
A war, fought all throughout the album, to conventional music, to all the stupid labels such as "Black Metal" or "Death Metal", and to those who only want some catchy guitar riffs and a strophe-refrain-strophe structure.

This album of the Italian Thee Maldoror Kollective is a little jewel of cold, mechanical, precise, relentless yet intelligent destruction and rebuilding.
From the observation of the track division into three parts we can guess that this album is built with a precise scheme and contents which wind themselves up throughout the music.
This is indeed a concept album based on Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis, revisited in its interpretation through the various cultural-exoteric influences of the composer and lyrics writer Kundahli: as a matter of fact the Kollective is so named in order to express the necessity of an eclectic and syncretic cultural experience, that ranges from music to literature and from mysticism to philosophy.
It is possible to define the music of the Kollective, even if with an approximation, saying that it is a mixture between Black Metal (the music genre that the band begin with, and of which in the present we can find only a light trace), Industrial metal heaviness (Rammstein-like) and some ambient/ebm influences.

Ritual Metal is the official Code666 definition, and we can say that the use of the rhythmic as a hypnotic, ritualistic, magic and ecstatic "tantra" is the precise intention of the Kollective.
This music is intended as an introspective/ecs-tatic voyage inside magical and exoteric themes, which are very close to the Kollective cultural "entourage", in order to find the real essence of men, the divination of freedom of the human kind from all the restrictions such as censorship, state's power or religion.

Going, as much as it is possible in a music that is intended as a mean to a superior consciousness, above the contents and the cultural aims of the Kollective, we can say that the album is a hypnotic mixture of sounds connected to each other with an incredible precision that nearly reaches perfection, heavy guitar rhythmic and obsessive and pounding drum machine beats that, anyway, never overcome everything else without a sense, but that mark the path for the vocal lines most of which are filtered and intricate BM screams.

Worthy of a good mention is finally the artwork of the digipack: a pefect visual interpretation of the Kollecive's music. It is aimless to indicate some single tracks, the concept album is to be enjoyed as a travel, step by step. Intelligent music: it is what we need.

Written by Sephiroth | 02.10.2003


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