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Mirrorthrone - Of Wind And Weeping review


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Band: Mirrorthrone
Album: Of Wind And Weeping
Release date: March 2003

01. Racines Dénudées
02. Florilège Lunatique Occultement Révélateur Et Néantisation Caduque Engendrée
03. The Four Names Of The Living Threatening Stone
04. Aborted
05. Beyond The Mirrorthrone
06. The Notion Of Perfect
07. Moi Mort...
08. Of Wind And Weeping

Mirrorthrone is one of those strange musical project that you come across once in a while, this one-man band (Vladimir Cochet), plays a strange brew… imagine some beautiful landscapes, and atmospheric music as a companion, you're still with me? Ok, now add some guitars, frenzied programmed drums, classical music influences, Black Metal vox and some female vocals, there you are! One portion of Mirrorthrone ready to go!

So, all those elements make a good mix? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no, for example, first song, "Racines Dénudés", features some nice male choruses, some nice instrumental breaks, and some furious programmed drumming going faster than any human could possible go (the double bass... is MADNESS), some people could find this a downpoint, I like it, is fun to listen those faster-than-the-speed-of-light drums!, anyway, this song drags too long (more than 10 minutes), when you do a song that long it has to be really really good, or people won't listen to it, I wouldn't spend 10 minutes of my life listening to an ok song, it has to be great!

Did I mention that most album is sung in French? Great!! I love Metal Sung In French, I don't understand a thing, but it sounds good!, well back to the album, second track "Florilège Lunatique Occultement Révélateur Et Néantisation Caduque Engendrée" (phew, that was a long title), is my favorite track in the whole album, the softer parts and the faster ones intertwine in perfect harmony, a killer song.

Other songs worth mentioning are "Beyond The Mirrorthrone" which features a great female - male duet, "The Notion Of Perfect" this is also a strange mix, acoustic guitars, female vocals, shrieks, synthesizers, the perfect experimental song! "Moi Mort…" is the most Black-driven song of the albums, but it has an instrumental break that is just beautiful, reminded me of a soundtrack of a Final Fantasy game series.

Some people might get bored with this album, because at first I was bored too, some songs are too lengthy, and tend to lose the listener attention, the production is nice, but it could be better, the packaging is really nice, the cover art is great, and the booklet is nicely done (designed by Vladimir). The good thing is that Mirrorthrone has a lot of space for improvement, after all don't forget that this album was conceived, recorded, produced and mixed in the bedroom of a 19 year old boy.

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003



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24.10.2010 - 14:08
Lost To Apathy
I don't know about this album, but Gangrene is perfect, so epic and complex; I really don't know why this guy is not more talked about...
You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullshit and you know it ~ Mean Streets
28.10.2010 - 03:52
Yeah he writes so much quality material it's crazy. This is definitely his worst album though

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