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Kralizec - Origin review

Band: Kralizec
Album: Origin
Release date: 1999

01. Intro
02. Kralizec
03. Oceano Nox (intro)
04. Oceano Nox
05. Apatride
06. L'éternelle Danse
07. Le vigile
08. Sailing To The origin
09. Néant/outro

French-speaking Canada is definitely the land of brutal death metal. After Cryptopsy, Gorguts... or recently Neuraxis, Kralizec now comes out of nowhere and they really way go somewhere. Here is the explanation: the basis of their music is simple, it's just the same technical death metal on the verge of grind that is trademark of Canadians bands.

But around these foundations, Kralizec weaves a tissue of experiments that without waking the music too much complex or inaudible, bring a new light of originality. For example, the use of the keyboards, even is they are discrete, contributes to rendering the music more melodic. On the same plan, the clean vocals on "Oceano Nox" do not allow weariness to settle. But right after, this is a true brutal death metal song with grind rhythms, that surprise the listener [Apatride], before coming back to something less usual, with "L'éternelle danse" and it's clean incantations/backing vocals and piano parts.
"Sailing to the origin" then navigates between melodic death and symphonic black metal a la Dimmu Borgir [you can hear the influence of Shagrath in the vocals]. In a few words, Origin is interesting because no song sounds like another, the music is full of intelligent arrangements [the groovy cymbals on "Oceano Nox"]. It's like a trip through unknown lands, where you are still willing to go forward just to see what's next.
But unfortunately [and as usual], everything is not perfect:
First, the production is crappy. For the growling, so much that you sometimes hardly realise that someone is singing. Then, even for the music the sound is not perfect. Too bad because it does not render the subtlety of certain parts.
Second, "Origin" is supposed to be a full-length album. Are they kidding us? 6 real songs [+3 intro, for 38 minutes…] my ass hurts when I buy an album that short…

Anyway, this is an excellent debut album.

Written by Deadsoulman | 06.10.2003


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