Voice - Soulhunter review


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Band: Voice
Album: Soulhunter
Release date: 2003

01. Soulhunter
02. Devilish Temptation
03. Valhalla
04. Place Of Deliverance
05. Firedevil
06. Fairground Of Illusion
07. Glorious Empire
08. Where Have The Angels Disappeared
09. Like A Heart

Voice is a Heavy Metal band coming from Germany. This band, around the singer Oliver Glas, makes a classical heavy metal with some progressive parts. "Soulhunter" is their fourth album and it's certainly the most accomplished.

"Soulhunter" is a good production, no doubt, the musicians are good Oliver Glas is a very good singer and all the tracks are attractive.
Produced by J. Bachmann, with Voice and mastered by the "master" Mika Jussila, you can understand that there is no problem with the production. The sound is good maybe not enough powerful some times but in general the quality of this recording is very correct.
With nine tracks for a length of 45 minutes, I can't say that there was not any work on "Soulhunter at least we don't have tracks of 3 minutes [it becomes a bad habit today] and this is rather pleasant.
The music of Voice is not bad. Songs are well written and the parts of progressive metal in these songs are very interesting. But there is a problem for me with this album. Where is the originality? Hey guys have you forgotten something? Maybe it's this kind of music that is exhausted but there are tons of bands that do music like that. And for me it's a real bad point, because this album is far to be bad but with this lack of originality at the end it is not really attractive… And it's a pity because at the first listening a lot of guys will not give a chance to "Soulhunter" whereas they could be interested by it.
A shame because Voice could have a real good chance on the Heavy metal scene.

I will recommend this album to the fan of heavy Metal I think that you could be happy with this album, but for the others, maybe you can try but I am afraid that you will never become a Voice addict; they are too common. Maybe in the future Voice will be more original, I hope for them… Because they can do something in the international metal scene.

Written by Jeff | 13.10.2003


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