Primitive Man - Home Is Where The Hatred Is review

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Band: Primitive Man
Album: Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Release date: February 2015

01. Loathe
02. Downfall
03. Bag Man
04. A Marriage With Nothingness

Primitive Man makes music of the sort that primitive men probably would have made if they had access to big amps and, in this case, some Relapse recording facilities. Maybe that won't be a shock considering their name, but it is rare that a band's name fits as well as theirs does. Slayer, I mean, or Mayhem? Aura Noir, which isn't even English, Jeff Loomis, Cro-Mags etc. Primitive Man fits Primitive Man though. They play like they hunt and gather to survive and will die in some way involving teeth, their own or otherwise.

It's been mentioned here and there that this release's production is less grimy and noisy than what these guys have done before though, and that is true and it is disappointing. To an extent, at least. Scorn, for instance, is so noisy and hammering it'll make your mouth water. Like, it's dirty in a dirty way involving dirt, sure, but also dirty in a way that touches that ear-based sex-spot in the guts that makes you want to disappear into something other than yourself. I'm told sex can be that way too. Not that these guys are or ever were sexy, but their grime was, in it's grimy way, and that grime is lacking (in comparison) here.

The parenthetical above seems key there though. Compared to Scorn, this sounds too clean, but compared to the majority of other stuff that goes for the primitive, shitty teeth and mud sound, it doesn't. It's still guttural and phlegmy, from-the-lower-intestines down-tuned and structurally minimalistic, and it's still heavy as fuck. Like the mixing direction or not, it'll club you to fuck.


Written on 19.02.2015 by Wormdrink's real name is George and he's an American.


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22.02.2015 - 23:44
Au Pays Natal
I love "Scorn", and you say "heavy as fuck" ... so can't wait to hear this one. Great review as always - and thanks.

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