Concerto Moon - Time To Die review


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Band: Concerto Moon
Album: Time To Die
Release date: 1999

01. Time To Die [longer version]
02. King Of The Judas
03. Waltz For Masquerade
04. Run To The Sky [live]
05. Alone In Paradise [live]

Concerto Moon is a unique band from Japan, whose leader [and guitar player Norifumi Shima] is actually a star in his own country. The vocals are in Japanese with a touch of English and they play a kind of retro power metal. This EP is added to some European versions of their third full-time album Rain Forest.

This EP includes a longer version of their famous 'Time To Die' [the introductive solo is longer!], two brand new songs [track 2 and 3] and two live versions of their best songs. The new version of 'Time To Die' is very well worth listening to, 'King Of The Judas' is an excellent composition whereas 'Waltz For Masquerade' is not that original. Finally, both live hits [at least in Japan] 'Run To The Sky' and the raging 'Alone In Paradise' are definitely the best live versions that Concerto Moon has ever recorded [much better than on their official live called The End Of The Beginning].

If you like any Concerto Moon album, you will love that EP. It contains the best live sessions of the band plus one of their best songs ever 'King Of The Judas' [plus a longer/better version of 'Time To Die']. Almost important as any album of the band, Time To Die has to be part of your CDs, especially if you are into old school power metal!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 7


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