Another Messiah - Dark Dreams, My Child review


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Band: Another Messiah
Album: Dark Dreams, My Child
Release date: 2005

01. These Lonely Eyes
02. And Now I Will
03. My God It's Him
04. I Never Noticed
05. Sweet Dreams
06. She Softly Starts To Cry
07. Dead Man Walking
08. Left To Die
09. The Queen Bee

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"Another Messiah makes energetic, atmospheric and innovative metal or in other words: post doom". This is the phrase that the band coined to define their style in the promo sheet, and for once, I couldn't agree more, usually the promo sheets contain classifications that tend to "glorify" the band, this time I think the description is more than accurate.

This self-released album contains all the elements to make an album great: sharp, crisp production, awesome cover art and inlay design, powerful grunts, melancholic vocals, catchy riffs, gloomy sections and on top of that, the band spices things up with the use of an oboe, an unusual instrument in Metal.

The result is a fantastic album filled with excellent songs. Tracks like the opener "These Lonely Eyes" will seduce you with a haunting atmosphere at first and then suddenly becoming aggressive and potent. The vocals are great, both grunts and clean vocals go perfectly with the different moods of the music.

Songs are quite varied, and the oboe is always present giving a touch of mysticism to the aggressive sections, and a touch of melancholy to the atmospheric passages. Just listen songs like "And Now I Will" and "My God Is Him" and you'll now exactly what I mean.

The great thing about the album is that it hardly repeats itself, each song is quite different from the other, and each song has many changes and many ideas, I'm sure you could make 3 songs out of one song of Another Messiah. When you think you deciphered the direction of the song it surprises you, like the album closer "The Queen Bee" a acoustic, romantic song at first, but a slow, decadent song later, just like when you run out of batteries in your tape recorder (if you ever got one of those).

The album was produced by Joost van den Broek from After Forever fame, and he also adds some keyboards, which are more than welcome. This record is a must have for any decent Doom Death fan.

Written by Undercraft | 17.03.2006



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22.05.2008 - 20:48
Ka Tet
I haven't yet bought this album, but the two songs I have (These Lonely Eyes, & And Now I Will) are on heavy rotation both at work and at home. They are fantastic, and I don't see how the rest of the album could disappoint.

This album will be among my next purchases.
15.04.2009 - 22:12
This is great stuff. A buddy of mine introduced me to them and I had a chance to see them live. The oboe definatly adds a different dimension to the music. Good review!

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