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Band: Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
Album: Exile
Release date: September 2015

01. L'Exil
02. A Sheep Among The Wolves
03. Embrace The Flames
04. They Came...
05. ...To Take Us
06. Thou Shall Lie Down
07. The Incandescent March

These angry Frenchies are back again with another slab of blackened sludge. Exile marks the sophomore effort from Regarde Les Hommes Tomber and is a swell case of "more, please!"

Their self-titled debut was great, and Exile sees RLHT, not to be confused with the RHCP (though I'd love to hear their take on "Scar Tissue"), churning out more hellish landscapes of sonic abuse.

I enjoy the fact they don't really fuck around with bells and whistles, and overcomplicate things like some of their Frenchie Freres do. They grind or pound out anger with gusto.

RLHT generally pivot between three speeds, a nice, comfy midpace, a slow grind, and pedal to the metal. The production feels pretty wide so when it's all systems go, it sounds like the vocalist is standing on a ridge in a red-tinged hellish landscape, howling into the winds. Drums pound along, while the guitars oft switch to clean tons to create some tension over the assault by simply alternating between a couple notes.

The adjustments in pace serve to keep the mood and flow top of the morning baguette fresh.

I also dig the kind of creepy mid album intro bit "They Came…", the lead in to "… To Take Us." (No worries, they didn't stretch the Docter Demento/Lard classic into a Peter Jackson/LOTR-esque trilogy capped with a with a three hour finale, "Away". This is just their own two-act set of songs.) It is ominous and serves as a great mid-point to the album.

So if you enjoyed their last, go check this out, it's likely right up your alley.

Le Bandcamp.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9


Written on 05.01.2016 by BitterCOld has been officially reviewing albums for MetalStorm since 2009.


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06.01.2016 - 00:53
Au Pays Natal
My AOTY. Love this sound. Thanks for the review!
06.01.2016 - 02:26
Written by tea[m]ster on 06.01.2016 at 00:53

My AOTY. Love this sound. Thanks for the review!

yer welcome. not my best review, tbh. liked the album more than I was able to describe it.
get the fuck off my lawn.

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06.01.2016 - 03:26
Nice review, straight to the point... just like the album itself!

I like it even more than the debut. The vocalist change with a more high pitch approach is fitting, makes it sound like agonizing (or something) over the hellish sonic conjurations

PS: The production is incredible. Those drums sound perfect!
06.01.2016 - 05:53
Stamp Tramp
Yet another awesome BM album from 2015. Nice way to close the year.
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06.01.2016 - 06:41
For some reason, I still haven't gotten around to listening to this yet. General response to it here and elsewhere seems to be quite positive though, so I'll be getting on that soon. And nice review as well, short, sweet, and filled with the usual Bitterhumor
Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
You tell em that God's gonna cut em down
28.01.2016 - 09:29
Supreme being
Damn good album! Good review as well!

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