O Kee Pa - Derdeba review

Band: O Kee Pa
Album: Derdeba
Release date: 2003

01. Repetition sur le bord du fleuve Senegal
03. Mamba
04. Inspire
05. L'Automotive

O Kee Pa is a young alternative metal band from France. This combo is composed of Dann [Drums], Mathdok [Bass], Sam [Voice, Programming], Tom [Guitars], Damien [Djembe], and Fly [Sound]. They used to do a music mix between the French alternative metal band like Lofofora and a musical style that we can call Afro/Tribal, well maybe some time we are near of the world music [not the gothic part] of a band like Dead Can Dance. Since 2001 they try to imposed their original style and "Derdeba" is their 2nd demo.

"Derdeba" is not a bad demo of alternative music. This French combo has its own style and well for once they try to do something different. And yes maybe it's original it's true [the Djembe part and the afro style…] but on the other hand I find that there is too much "new" alternative bands actually in France. And it's a shame because there are a lot of bad repercussions on bands like O Kee Pa… Maybe because I'm not too much into this music but I have the feeling to have already heard this album…
However, a good point they sing in French and I find that's cool, a lot of bands should keep their own language to sing.
By the way, "Derdeba" is a good demo, with a really good sound good tracks well-composed and good lyrics. It's not too long [only 18mins] but it's correct for a demo and with a production of this quality it's certainly a good point to have a good start.

If you like Alternative music with original instruments and if you're a fan of the new alternative French wave [Lofofora, Watcha and co…] You 'll like O Kee Pa, for the others and for the "classical" metal lovers, well maybe it's better to pass your way, but in their style O Kee Pa, is a promising young band.

Written by Jeff | 06.12.2003


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