Baltimoore - Ultimate Tribute review

Band: Baltimoore
Album: Ultimate Tribute
Release date: 2003

01. Kill The King [Rainbow cover]
02. Rock Candy [Montrose cover]
03. Beggars Day [Nils Löfgren cover]
04. Never Say Die [Black Sabbath cover]
05. Samurai [MSG cover]
06. Freedom [Jimi Hendrix cover]
07. She [Kiss cover]
08. Love Child [Deep Purple cover]
09. Mississippi Queen [Grand Funk Railroad cover]
10. Solid Gold Brass [Sweet cover]
11. Riff Raff [AC/DC cover]
12. The Rocker [Thin Lizzy cover]

I thought that I had seen the worst cover already, but I have to say that Shining Fury's cover is a gift from god, compare to this one! How can someone even think of having this cover on an album!? I mean it's horrible, ugly. Sure, it's a tribute album but anyway, it must have been something better that they could use. It looks like a pokémon ball.
Anyway, this review isn't about the cover, it's about the music, even if the cover could have been better.

As I said, it's a tribute album, a tribute to Hard Rock in general I should pronounce it, there is covers of bands like AC/DC, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and more.
The band it self, Baltimoore, is from Sweden, not USA if you thought so.
The line-up is:
Björn Lodin - Vocals
Thomas Larsson - Guitar
Weine Johansson - Bass
Ian Haugland - Drums
Patrik Johansson - Additional Vocals on Samurai

I guess you haven't heard of them right? Or wait, Ian Haugland!? Isn't that?
Yes, it's the drummer of the legendary Europe.

The band is Björn Lodin, and what musicians he choose, and have been around since 1987.
They released their debut, "There's No Danger On the Roof" in 1989 and since that, 4 other albums and one Best of have been released, and here, an honor to their inspirations, their 7:th album is a tribute one.

So, how do they sound then!? Is it good or bad covers?
Well, you know, many bands doing cover today, sometimes just because they want a song more on the album or so, many don't care how it sounds, just it's close to the original.
But Baltimoore is a big difference, they doing it really good, some songs sounds like the original and some got an own touch.
Like the cover of "Riff Raff" with AC/DC, the guitar sound is excellent, but the vocal part is Baltimoore, and Björn don't try to sound like Bon Scott and that's good, he should use his voice.
The Black Sabbath cover is one more, damn good cover. The song got a new feeling with Björn's voice.

Overall, it's a good tribute album, and it's this you should get if you really want good covers, 'cause Björn's voice is giving the songs a new touch, and they don't ruin the songs totally, with lack in interest.

Favourite Tracks: "Riff Raff", "Never Say Die", "Kill the King" & the rest of them!

Written by Malcolm | 16.01.2004


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