Theatre Of Tragedy - Aégis review


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Band: Theatre Of Tragedy
Album: Aégis
Release date: 1998

01. Cassandra
02. Lorelei
03. Angelique
04. Ade
05. Siren
06. Samantha [bonus]
07. Venus
08. Poppæa
09. Bacchante
10. Virago [Japanese bonus]

The only band that has satiated the gothic metal genre is Theatre Of Tragedy. They had already proven that they are the best gothic metal band in the last two albums, but with this album they have proven that they are just quintessential! No other gothic metal album can match up with Aégis. It's truly a masterpiece. It's not just an album, it's a doleful journey of love and despair. It makes you get lost in a beautiful, imaginary world of sorrows.

Now let's talk about the tracks. Every track consists of the haunting voices, epic choirs, heart-wrenching guitar riffs with feelings of loss and despair, and high gothic fiction references.

"Cassandra" is the first track, starting with straightforward drumming and dark choirs. The use of guitar riffs and keyboards is just enchanting. The chorus is the best part of this track. The melancholic rhythm will leave you in a state of loneliness. The next tracks, "Lorelei," "Angelique," and "Aoede," may contain the same guitar riffs and low-tempo music, but these tracks are still so captivating that you will not feel like you are listening to the same track again. Liv Kristine is a goddess. Her voice is so melodious that it causes you to fall in love on the first note. At the same time, Raymond Rohonyi's voice is ominous, which will make you feel threateningly inauspicious.

The next tracks, "Siren" and "Venus," are the heart of the album. From guitar riffs to choirs, everything is epic and impeccable. These tracks are both gothic masterpiece tracks. Here Liv Kristine has gotten the limelight of which she is worthy. The track "Bacchante" is different from others. This track is not metal, but belongs to goth rock. You will definitely get a feel of listening to any Sisters Of Mercy song with female vocals when you listen to this track. It's just beyond perfection.

This is a great gothic album. I highly recommend it to all gothic metal fans who enjoy the '80s goth rock atmosphere.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by 🦇Enchantress | 04.10.2018


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This is one of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard. One of the pioneers in the "Beauty and the Beast" Gothic Metal movement, Norway's Theatre Of Tragedy reached their apex with their third album, Aegis. After two albums of melodramatic, theatrical Gothic Metal which hinted at so much potential, they refined their sound, streamlined their approach, and wrote the best songs of their career.

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