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Band: Paganizer
Album: Land Of Weeping Souls
Release date: August 2017

01. Your Suffering Will Be Legendary
02. Dehumanized
03. Forlorn Dreams
04. Land Of Weeping Souls
05. The Insanity Never Stops
06. Selfdestructor
07. Death Addicts Posthumous
08. The Buried Undead
09. Soulless Feeding Machine
10. Prey To Death

Insert disc. Press play. Get blown away. "Your Suffering Will Be Legendary".

The title of the opening track of Land Of Weeping Souls eloquently describes the aural torment you are about to be subjected to. Sweet death is coming your way. Or should I say "Swedeath"?

Rogga Johansson is one of the busiest musicians in the death metal scene, involved in projects such as Echelon, Down Among The Dead Men, Ribspreader, The Grotesquery, Johansson & Speckmann, Megascavenger, Revolting… and I am going to stop here because the list is really long. I admit that I envy the man. He's the same age as me and if my memory serves me right he has been part of no less than eight (8!) releases in 2018 alone, while I have difficulty in achieving even one of my new year's resolutions… each year.

Land Of Weeping Souls actually came out in 2017 but all copies of both the CD and the box set were completely sold out so the band's label, Transcending Obscurity Records, decided to re-release it along with 2016's On The Outskirts Of Hades EP (also sold out) plus two never before released tracks.

If you haven't heard Paganizer before, shame on you but this is your chance to make up for this mistake. Ferocious, brutal, raw, aggressive, I can go on forever with the cliché adjectives to describe the album. But cliché as it may be, the quality of the songwriting in this record will please any death metal fan. The buzzsaw riffing and the sick lead guitar work that complements every track is truly remarkable.

"Forlorn Dreams" features a swirling death/black beginning before turning into a groove death/thrash headbanger. "The Insanity Never Stops" has insane solos scattered everywhere. "The Buried Undead" is a bloody excellent song and a clear reference to the band's third and most exciting full-length, Dead Unburied; the most exciting until this one, that is. "Soulless Feeding Machine" has a main riff that will hook you immediately and make your neck snap every single time you listen to it.

The EP On The Outskirts Of Hades continues in the same manner, being similarly engaging to Land Of Weeping Souls and the two previously unreleased tracks are a nice addition to an extremely appealing package.

So expect no atmospheric interludes, saxophone, jazz influences or genre-bending moments here; in the words of Rogga himself, this is "death fucking metal the way it is supposed to be done."

Fuck yeah!


Written on 06.11.2018 by Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud!

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