Whoredom Rife - Nid: Hymner Av Hat review


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Band: Whoredom Rife
Album: Nid: Hymner Av Hat
Release date: November 2018

01. Summoning The Ravens
02. Verdi Oeydest
03. Where The Shadows Dwell
04. Hyllest
05. Crown Of Deceit
06. New Hate Dawns
07. Ceremonial Incantations

Yep, this is Norwegian black metal.

As I've stated, Whoredom Rife is a Norwegian black metal band. A two-man band started in 2014 and this is their second album. Their music isn't cutting-edge, experimental or mind-blowing. If any of these kinda turn you off and you'd rather spend your time with something else, that's understandable. If, however, you either heard their debut, Dommedagskvad, last year or just want some good ol' riffy black metal, you're in luck, I guess.

Of course this sounds like something that's been done before. Black metal that's both melodic and raw and that's more focused on riffs than building atmosphere has been done before a million times, but if you're still reading you probably don't mind and just want some damn riffs. That's good; you'll get that. Nid is full of '90s black metal throwback riffs but there's still a bit of 2000s dissonance on some surfaces to keep things somewhat interesting and slightly modern-sounding without sacrificing the familiar feel of olden days.

Once again, there's seven tracks with most in the 5-7 range, with only the last hitting the 10-minute mark, and to be honest, I think the album would have benefited from being, like, 5 minutes shorter in total. While the music is certainly good and all that, towards the end it does feel like it drags on for a bit, and the rehash just isn't great enough to warrant it that long a welcome since at no point do I ever think that "This is amazing" or "I'd rather listen to this than anything else", but rather "This is alright". The production is alright, the songwriting is alright-to-good and so is the performance.

Whoredom Rife is in that grey area between well-executed but unoriginal and borderline forgettable. Maybe I wouldn't be so lukewarm if it were more concise and impactful.


Written on 27.12.2018 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.


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27.12.2018 - 06:16
Not the best "riff" based black metal I've ever heard, prety solid though. I didn't think the reviewer liked anything aggressive that ever used a riff. I'm impressed that he is expanding his horizons.

Unrelated to this review...On this site, If it's not avant garde post alt atmospheric rock with zero testosterone, forget about it.
27.12.2018 - 09:38
They are a great live band, btw. Just enough of the cheesy super-dark/warpaint/bloody stuff and massive amounts of energy, at least that was my impression.

Otherwise I totally agree with the review which seems to concern the band as a whole rather than just this particular album.
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27.12.2018 - 10:47
Written by Malignar on 27.12.2018 at 06:16

Unrelated to this review...On this site, If it's not avant garde post alt atmospheric rock with zero testosterone, forget about it.

You don't read a lot of our reviews, do ya?
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27.12.2018 - 13:07
Bad English
Looks interesting, song tittles ok, does they sound like taake, gorgoroth
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