Kemet - The Night Before review


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Band: Kemet
Album: The Night Before
Release date: February 2004

01. Emilie's Broken Heart
02. Sister Sorrow
03. Short Term God
04. One Chance Left
05. Valuable Things
06. The Lucid Song
07. Suicide Me
08. Orchids For Kids
09. Life Is An Easy Girl (Ghost Track)

"The Night Before" is the new album of the French gothic combo Kemet. After their first, well done, release "Dying With Elegance" [2001] this band from Lyon come again with their second album to show and confirm that in France some bands have the potentiality to do good Doom/Gothic music a la Katatonia and such bands.

This band is very interesting because it shows to us that in France the metal is better and better each days, and at the end we can see that we have here in the hexagon some great and promising bands. For sure Kemet is one of them.

The music of Kemet is certainly not the most original sound that we can listen actually, in fact they are in the same way as bands like Katatonia or [Heavy] Anathema or even Tiamat but believe me this young band is not a vulgar clone of their older, they are good and have their own personality too… With a lot of electronic touch in their songs, with a lot of dark and depressives influences for their songs and lyrics Kemet do a great and beautiful Gothic music. In addition we have the great and beautiful voice, for a lot of backing vocals of Adeline [Akin], and her magnificent voice give a lot of power to the music of Kemet. Well done...
A lot of tracks on this album are good even if sometime the quality of the work is not very equal. Yes some tracks are better than some others but no worry this is a good album all the same.

Mastered by the master Mika Jussila in Finnvox studio, the sound of this album is great, we have this Finnish Gothic touch and believe me we are very near of the master of this style of Music.
The only bad point of this album could be some time the French accent of the singer but this not very annoying. I really think that it could be better in the future.
For the production too, I must talk about the cover and the booklet of this album that is just beautiful. We are near of the work of a guy like Travis Smith. A great point for Kemet again.

"The Night Before" is a really good album. For sure we could talk about Kemet in the future as an important band in the Gothic metal scene. With a bit more of experience and some originality Kemet could be one of the leader of the French Metal scene but also of this dark and depressive music.
A good surprise, if you like bands like Katatonia, you must buy this album, for sure you'll like it.

Written by Jeff | 07.03.2004


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