Insane - Mechanical Revolt review


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Band: Insane
Album: Mechanical Revolt
Release date: 2003

01. Intro - Prelude To Mechanical
02. Scarves Of War
03. Only Angry
04. Down In My Hands
05. Born From Remains
06. All Or Nothing
07. Illusions
08. Caused By Pain
09. Mechanical Revolt
10. Against
11. Out Of Depth

"Insane" is a young French band of Thrash metal. Even if the masters of the genre come from the US, I 'm very glad to tell you that we have in France some guys who know how to do music that could be certainly compared to a lot of good bands which play that music.
After the first self-released album "Hate Or Reason" in 1999 the band come with "Mechanical Revolt" that confirm all the potential of the combo.

"Insane" is a good Thrash band for sure, a lot of the tracks in this album are excellent. The songs are well writing, with powerful heavy riffs and percussions, some electronic lines done by a keyboard that gives a little industrial touch and the strong point of the band, the excellent voice of David Feltin. This guy is a very good singer and he gives a lot of power with his voice that can be compared to the one of Rob Flynn of "Machine Head".
Tracks like the heaviest "Scarves Of War", the thrashy but also melodic "Caused By Pain" or the ballad "Illusions" are in the pure tradition of Thrash metal and then because this is such excellent songs I can really say that "Insane" could be an interesting band of the international Thrash scene soon. For sure and without any problems Insane is with that new production the new leader of that music in France, a new leader in the French metal scene too…

The production, another time with Thundering records, is of very good quality, the sound of the cd mastered by Marco Schneider at Skywalk studios is very good too and sound like a good American production. Same for the booklet and the artwork which are in the pure Indus style like the good graphics used by bands like Fear Factory for example. Good job guys…

"Mechanical Revolt" is a real good surprise of the beginning of the year, this band does a good Thrash metal and with this 2nd album, this French combo show that good Thrash metal don't only come from USA or Germany.
If you like bands like Testament or Anthrax, I'm sure that you'll like "Insane" with a touch of modernity in their music, "Mechanical Revolt" sound like a good album of Thrash metal, but of course with its part of originality. A must for the Thrash metal fans.

Written by Jeff | 08.03.2004


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