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Band: Dylath-Leen
Album: Insecure
Website: http://www.dylath-leen.net
Release date: April 2002

01. Mass Blindness And Fabrication
02. Denied
03. My Forever Shade
04. Out
05. The Awakening
06. The Feast
07. Offertory
08. Criminal Art Extravagances
09. Enslaved
10. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
11. Et Nox Facta Est

Dylath-Leen, is a new band of "progressive" melodic Death made in France. Like an Arch Enemy, they have this really special and singular aspect which does that they are unique… a female singer. Kathy is a really good singer who knows how to sing with the aggressively and the voice of the males Death, Black or Thrash Metal singers. In alternance with Igor, the other vocalist of the band, she gives me the feeling that we will hear about her band soon… and the quality of the music of this really original and promising band, will certainly be one of the other reasons of their upcoming success… believe me…

When you're listening to Dylath-Leen, there is a recurrent question, "who is singing right now?". That's a weird feeling but a lot of time when I'm listening to "Insecure", I'm wondering who is the singer, Igor or Kathy? The both are really good actually, and that's the "clean" breaks of Kathy which will remember you that the main singer of this combo is a girl. And she is good singer, because she is able to sing with a lot of different voices, Black Death, Thrash but with also a normal and beautiful female voice. The result of this combination is surprising, the music of the band is really original and I can't deny that Dylath-Leen has its own musical style. The riffs can sound Death a bit in the spirit of Carcass but also all that can be really melodic and it never falls into the clichés of the genre… That's a good thing evidently.

The album is really varied, some songs can be really fast and heavy ("Mass Blindness And Fabrication"), some others will be dark and even a bit atmospheric ("The Awakening"), but when I listen to "Insecure" in any case I'm bored by the music. We have a lot of variations and in if you think like me, I suppose that you want if it is possible an evolution during all the listening of an album. That's the case with this album which doesn't have the same and unique sound from the beginning to the end. We have a lot of good work in my opinion and the several different sonorities that the band uses (through the keyboards for example) gives this little originality that every Metal Heads would like to see in all the good Metal albums.

The production is also really good, and if must say that this was album was an auto-production in 2002, I understand why the band got this distribution deal with Thundering Records. I suppose and expect then that we will have a new booklet (and the guys of Thundering are really good for that in general) this time. This album and Dylath-Leen deserve all the means that a good professional band can expect. It will be the case for sure this time, and you'll see, like if it is something magic, they will become in a few months one of the leaders of the Metal scene from France.

Nothing to add actually, this album is really surprising and I think that the fans of Death Metal who are a bit open-minded will have to find this album to understand what I mean. That's original, well done and with some killer songs and I really want to listen their new release which will come this year, let bet some beers that it will be a must like this "Insecure".

Written by Jeff | 21.03.2005



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18.06.2007 - 18:08
Darkside Momo
Good Review, but 9 for me. Definitively a killer album, with excellent songs and a killer instrumental.

They're playing at Hellfest, and an interview will follow soon !

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you" - Ray Bradbury

"I've lost too many years now
I'm stealing back my soul
I'm awake now"
Abney Park (Letter Between A Little Boy & Himself As An Adult)
04.04.2008 - 09:12
Yeah, I would give them a 9 as well, loved this album and Kathy is an amazing singer indeed.

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