Profetus - The Sadness Of Time Passing review

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Band: Profetus
Album: The Sadness Of Time Passing
Release date: October 2019

01. The Sadness Of Time Passing
02. Nostalgia
03. Momentary Burial
04. Northern Crown
05. Tiarnia

If you can't run, you walk. And if you can't walk, you crawl.

Funeral doom titans Profetus have returned in grand fashion with their first release in five years. A quick summary of what needs to be said is simple: We are not worthy. The sheer emotional weight of this release deserves any and all praise levied upon it. Accordingly, there will be imagery and storytelling used to describe the process of what it's like to absorb such an immense offering.

With its monolithic tidal waves of uncomfortably drawn out crushing guitar riffs crashing repeatedly against the mountain of your innermost thoughts, this snail-paced work of extremity aims to corrode your most stolid defenses in its hour-long excursion through glacial landscapes and barren wastelands. The bombastic bass drums and splashing cymbals carry on endlessly through the bone-chilling breeze, ensuring everything in their domain is completely swathed in an inescapable sense of isolation. You're going to give in eventually, and The Sadness Of Time Passing is an abundantly patient and thorough device with which to dismantle whatever notions you have of feeling safe and secure, stripping you entirely of your will to fight back. After all, resistance is futile.

Where Profetus walk, death follows -- accompanied by a foreboding haunted church-esque organ that pierces into your skin and seeps into your veins, slowly spreading its frigid conscience through your bloodstream. This procession of suffering is painstakingly prolonged with an ever-present miserable precision: exact in its delivery, timeless in its performance. At no point is there even a hint of consideration for the languorous torture its subject is forced to endure, the naked body of a broken human left to struggle for breath in a cold, shallow pit, with the setting sun in the distance closing out any hope of surviving the night. The battle is over. All that remains is to give in and pray for salvation.

Standing over your frozen corpse, a small group of robed onlookers examine the carefully preserved remains. One steps forward and simultaneously removes the hood of its cloak, revealing a similarly discolored face. Opening its mouth, wretching, it bellows with the depths of a power granted by thousands of undead souls, growling and roaring like a mythical beast trying to break free its enslaved master from the chains of sorrow and regret with which have been spellcast to bind it for eternity. As the wraith-like projection of your consciousness is sucked from its former vessel and swirls into the chasm-like mouth of the monster, the ethereal chants of its master -- a fallen angel graced with divine beauty -- lures you in with her soothing, warming, disarming voice. The Sadness Of Time Passing has claimed yet another victim. Profetus only continue to grow stronger.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 10


Written on 29.10.2019 by I'm total pro; that's what I'm here for.

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22.03.2020 - 16:54
Lovely review, with such a lot of imagery. Quite like the music.

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