Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Divine Right Of Kings review


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Band: Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Album: Divine Right Of Kings
Release date: January 2003

01. A Habitation Of Devils
02. We Are Power
03. Road To Madness
04. Whore
05. It's My Right
06. Savages With Cash
07. Save My Soul
08. Evado Eversor
09. Mourning Glory
10. Divine Justice
11. Crestfallen

What happens when Heavy Metal turns out too political? What are the outcomes? What is the result? Usually, you get very polemic stuff, like older Megadeth albums, how much political can a band can get?
Babylon Mystery Orchestra is the brainchild of Sidney Allen Johnson, name I'm sure nobody has heard before, ironically, he's hailing from the States, same as his colleagues Megadeth, makes you wonder… how many "political" bands are hailing from the States? How many are not? In these days, many North Americans disagree with the ways of their country, so, many have found the best way to protest by music (or by books and documentary films, like Michael Moore has proved).

This album is a severe critic against the moral and ethical values of the United States Of America, Sidney Allen Johnson sees America as "Mystery Babylon" a land destined to fall because its corrupted moral, greed and decadence.
The album put many bible passages in the booklet as a direct reference that the perdition of the homeland of Sidney Allen Johnson was predestined to be doomed since biblical times.

The music is a mix of Gothic Metal and Hard Rock, the outcome is a very weird mix of some 80's elements with some more modern sounds.
The album starts with a dark intro, and follows with the first real song "We Are Power" a piece of Dark Rock, with some Doom overtones, the first thing that bothered me was the vocals of Mr. Johnson, they're too low and deep for the style of music, the vocals are too "Gothic" to think that he's complaining about something.

Some songs have 80's touches á la Sisters Of Mercy, like "Whore" a fine piece of Gothic Rock/New Wave. Some other songs worth mentioning are the epic keyboard-driven instrumental "Divine Justice" , The Doomy "Mourning Glory" and the acoustic and calm "Crestfallen" which closes the album.

At the end, the result of the album is not the desired, I think this slow and calm music is not the best way to get your message to the people, this album maybe will appeal to anyone into Hard Rock and Gothic Metal, although nothing is certain, some will find it too calm and easy, some others will find it too polemical. I know some that don't care shit about the message, I know some that do, the point is, will you enjoy this? My recommendation, go on to the website and try first before buying.

Written by Undercraft | 08.04.2004


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