Rain Novelty - The One To Judge review

Band: Rain Novelty
Album: The One To Judge
Release date: 2003

01. Act 1. Ending An Angel's Dance
02. Act 2. Wondering On This Heaven Ruins

Second Demo I review of Rain Novelty, this Greeks play a interesting mix of Gothic and Doom Metal, their last demo was a good one, but sadly, a short one too, this time, things are shorter now, 2 songs like last time, but shorter.

One thing that has improved here is the instrumentation, the 3 minutes intro "Ending An Angel's Dance" is a beautiful strings piece, the violin and the cello intertwine in such marvelous ways, later on the guitars and the drums enters to add a powerful element to the song, then, things calm down, and the piano marks the begin of the second song, "Wondering On This Heaven Ruins" features again the melancholic vocals, which this time around has improved, sounding less "weepy", the track is a melancholic piece with a lot of great variations, violin breaks and great acoustic guitars.

Besides the music, the presentation has been enhanced too, the cover art is simply gorgeous, and this time the Cd has a small booklet with lyrics.
Definitively, Rain Novelty has improved a lot, and now they're are ready to be on the big leagues, they need to be taken seriously, and I believe strongly that this Demo will get them signed.

2 songs, roughly 9 minutes of music, and I am craving for more of those violins, Rain Novelty left a big impression in my books this time around, I hope to hear the name again, associated with a record label. Best of lucks.

Written by Undercraft | 28.04.2004


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