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Band: Estertor
Album: Between Silence And Light
Release date: 2003

01. Intro ...In The Forest
02. Ride To The Unknown
03. Shadows
04. Dark Silent Room
05. Green
06. Eternal Fall
07. Lifebuilder
08. The Follower
09. Drunk Song (Nietzche)
10. Hunting Lost Dreams
11. Sacred Sin ...Death In Life...
12. Slept Shining Dew
13. To My Conscience

One of the best things to work on a Heavy Metal webzine, is the chance to discover bands that no one is aware of, the thought that maybe some big manager on a big record label reads your review and decides to give the unknown act a big shot at greatness is something that every reviewer desires.

When received this Cd, which by the way, looked great, the cover art and the booklet were amazing, as for the inside layout, idem, I decided to give Estertor a shot in my record player.
The surprising thing about Estertor is that they hail from Bolivia, a country that's just southeast from mine, but never really had a representative Metal act, luckly, that's about to change, because Estertor carries the Bolivian flag proudly to the whole wide world.

The four piece from the Andes plays an exquisite mix of Melodic Death Metal (Gothenburg style) with some Progressive influences (á la Opeth) , and even Power Metal and some Doom Metal are present in the brew!
The result is a fantastic 71 minute joyride through the excellent and varied compositions that Estertor offer us.

A sad, melancholic intro begin things, slowly builds up, until we reach the second song, "Ride To The Unknown" a great song that reminded me greatly of Melodeath masters, Dark Tranquillity , with some differences of course, I must point that the musicianship of the band is exceptional, all of this paired with the outstanding vocals of Marcelo, makes a perfect combo.

Almost every song has great guitar leads, that sometimes reminded me of Iron Maiden, the drumming, always energetic, served to uplift those slower parts that didn't bored me, but maybe can bore those of you that need full speed all the time.
Is difficult to mention killer songs, because each one has great moments, but I'll do an effort, I really liked the whole Cd, but if I could choose, I would go with "Green" and the great instrumental first part; "Dark Silent Room" and it's Power Metalish intro; the groovy, "The Follower" ; the clean singing in "Sacred Sin" and the classic Heavy Metal leads in "Drunk Song (Nietzsche)", I made my pics, now you make yours.

Is amazing that talent like this is remaining under the shadows, Estertor not only show us a great and diverse album, but like I said before, carries the Bolivian flag to the world, and I'm sure they'll pin down that flag into the Metal map.

Strongly recommended for all fans of Melodic Death Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal and Heavy Metal, as a matter of fact, forget all of those if you really like Metal, you'll like this album, definitively, my second best surprise from Bolivia, the first one being when my best friend told me she was returning back from La Paz to Perú.

Written by Undercraft | 30.04.2004



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16.02.2009 - 00:34
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I liked what I heard in their myspace! Very good music! Since I like to support cool bands, I may buy this...
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