Mrs. Piss - Self​-​Surgery review

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Band: Mrs. Piss
Album: Self​-​Surgery
Release date: May 2020

01. To Crawl Inside
02. Downer Surrounded By Uppers
03. Knelt
04. Nobody Wants To Party With Us
05. M.B.O.T.W.O.
06. You Took Everything
07. Self-Surgery
08. Mrs. Piss

Chelsea Wolfe is done being nice.

With a band name and a cover art like that, this one has somewhat of a shock factor to say the least. Ew, piss. But then again, we are on a metal site. Guts, sacrificed goats, rape, devastation, slaughter are pretty commonplace here (on the cover arts and lyrics, hopefully not as much in the actual community). So how come that two women using piss as a shock factor is the most shocking thing of the year? Why wouldn't it have been shocking if someone took Metalocalypse's William Murderface's project Planet Piss to life? I'll leave the feminist conclusions to you.

Chelsea Wolfe doesn't need a shock factor for the attention, considering how much her music has already received. This is shock for shock's sake, because there's only so much that ethereal goth industrial neofolk can express. Sometimes you need to say "Fuck you!", and what a better way than with some ethereal goth industrial noise rock. It's still a Chelsea Wolfe led album after all, and with the duo also includes Jess Gowrie, who did the drumming for a bunch of Chelsea Wolfe albums, including Hiss Spun, arguably the heaviest record that these two were involved in. But Self-Surgery is the angriest.

The album starts with Chelsea exclaiming "I am bathing in the filth of the world". Well, those are not exactly the very first lyrics, but they set a standard for how dark and filthy the lyrics on this record are, especially for an artist who up until now tried to make her music sound beautiful, even as dark and foreboding as it way, it always had a charm to it. I'm not downplaying how dark or angry it already was, but there's a reason why a noise project as filthy as this needed to be started by two musicians who were already working together. It wasn't dark and angry enough.

Sludge metal would be a good descriptor for a good chunk of the album, especially the slower songs like "Knelt", but for the most part Self-Surgery strides closer to punk territories than metal ones, but always keeping the bass as thick as possible. But then again, each time I try to put a descriptor on it, I am contradicted by at least one song, which is a pretty amazing thing to achieve with an album that's not even 20 minutes in runtime. It's metal, it's punk, it's grunge, it's noise rock, it's electronic, it's deathrock. It's riot grrrl in attitude most of all. Which really needed a big comeback. But it's still recognizably Chelsea Wolfe.

This is a part of Chelsea that I never thought she would explore to such depths, and this also made me appreciate Jess as more than a drummer, considering how much the bass and electronics are part of this album, and yes, also the drums. I'm still bummed about the short runtime though.


Written on 25.06.2020 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.


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26.06.2020 - 19:11
Sludgier/punkier Chelsea Wolfe is a good thing in my book
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27.06.2020 - 00:50
Lord Slothrop
This is a complete 180 compared to her last album. I like it.
27.06.2020 - 22:10
Angel N.
Evil Butterfly
You know what? Why so quick at writing reviews? I wanted to write my review for this one!
The Fangirl.
27.06.2020 - 22:18
Written by Angel N. on 27.06.2020 at 22:10

You know what? Why so quick at writing reviews? I wanted to write my review for this one!

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