Exarsis - New War Order review


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Band: Exarsis
Album: New War Order
Release date: August 2017

01. Zionism (The Reaping)
02. Twisted Logic
03. The Underground
04. General Guidance
05. Just Buried
06. Chaos Creation
07. Prophet For Profit
08. Combined Disasters
09. Haarp Weapon
10. Human Project

The Greek thrash scene has come alive in recent years, bristling with bands who vie to be the pre-eminent band in the scene. Athens-based thrashaholics Exarsis are a band confident in their abilities as they reach for the crown. On their fourth album New War Order, the band continue along the same path but with extra miles on the clock and learning from experience that helps them get stronger with each subsequent release.

Exarsis waste little time and get down to brass tacks on New War Order; if you want thrash then they'll happily serve you up an album that is soaked in classic 80s thrash like Exodus before being presented in a modern package similar to Violator. With all the trappings afforded by modern production, the band sound razor sharp and ready to go for the kill.

Tracks like "Prophet For Profit" and "General Guidance", while being somewhat cliché, are more than formidable and would fit comfortably in any thrash playlist out there. Each song features strong musicianship by the band, with the guitar work of Lambrakis and Foukarakis holding down the fort admirably.

I'm not a fan of Tragakis' vocal approach; he is a capable vocalist when he wants to be, but his insistence on high-pitched wailing is like fingers down a chalk board. It sounds like someone fused John Cyriis and Axl Rose into some mutant creature that begs for euthanasia. Taking inspiration from Neil Turbin, he offers little in originality or an asset to entice you to listen further.

While very enjoyable, the band tread over ground that has been walked repeatedly over the years by thrash bands, to the point that they are so deep into the trenches that they do not stand out at all. New War Order is a fun listen and you will find your hands subconsciously raising the horns, but once the music finishes, you find little sticks with you. Even with repeated listens, the fun doesn't diminish but simultaneously nothing specific (beyond the cover art or Tragakis' vocal style) remains once the album ends.

New War Order does also read as a check list of ideas already well covered by the legions of bands who came before Exarsis, with the group unable to either put their own unique twist on proceedings or top what has come before them. "Prophet For Profit" and "Human Project" have been done countless times before. While this is not an issue unique to the band, it's one obstacle they don't seem able to overcome on this album.

Overall, New War Order is an album of mixed blessings; you will find the album enjoyable while you listen to it and it will give you the adrenaline kick you crave, but if you are looking for the next gem or something earth-shattering then you'd best look elsewhere once you've finished giving this album a go.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 7

Written by omne metallum | 07.07.2020


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