Mortal Love - All The Beauty... review


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Band: Mortal Love
Album: All The Beauty...
Release date: November 2002

01. All The Beauty
02. Crave Your Love
03. Beautiful One
04. Falling For You
05. In The Sun
06. Hate To Feel
07. I Want To Die
08. Mortally Beloved

Mortal Love are hailing from Norway, and they're playing female fronted Gothic Metal, think The Gathering, Mandylion era, but a lot of years later and with less surprises.
The result? Well, a well-balanced album, nothing new, nothing outstanding and most important of all, nothing revolutionary.

I must say that what Mortal Love offer us is a well played album, but somewhat boring at times, the opener and title song "All The Beauty" is a nice melodic song, filled with good ideas, at this point I was very excited about this, sadly, with the second song "Crave Your Love" things went down, this track is a poor commercial effort, filled with synthesizers and catchy hooks for massive audiences.
With the fourth track "Falling For You" some of the lost hopes came back, since this is a good song, with "In The Sun" things get melancholic, but still not interesting for me.

There was a time when I would loved this band, a time when female fronted bands were a novelty on Metal terrains, nowadays, there's plenty of female fronted Metal bands, so you can pick whichever you like more, in this case, I guess I can give this album a spin once in a while, but I don't promise that I will get to the end of it, tends to get boring at times.

This final outcome is really too bad, since the singer, Cat, have a pretty nice voice, maybe if she seeks another musical projectů I don't know.
Well, that's it for me know, Mortal Love, like the name of the band hints you: It's not worth dying for.

Written by Undercraft | 27.05.2004


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