Deeds Of Flesh - Nucleus review


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Band: Deeds Of Flesh
Album: Nucleus
Release date: December 2020

01. Odyssey
02. Alyen Scourge
03. Ascension Vortex
04. Catacombs Of The Monolith
05. Ethereal Ancestors
06. Nucleus
07. Races Conjoined
08. Terror
09. Onward

It's okay to cry, bro.

Everyone who's anyone that listens to brutal death metal on even a semi-regularly basis should know one of the pioneering bands of the genre, and more importantly be aware of the tragic fate of founder Erik Lindmark, whose influence over the scene is simply indescribable for the sheer amount of effort he poured into giving breath to this once underappreciated style of music. While Deeds Of Flesh may have been the channel for unleashing some of the most insanely violent and aggressive metal during the band's prime (which you could argue extends through their entire existence), Lindmark was also responsible for Unique Leader Records, the name in brutal/technical death metal to this day.

Nucleus, the band's first album in nearly a decade and first sans Lindmark, captures everything that is Deeds in a way that tickles the nostalgia bone. The trademark complex riffs and layered melodies sneak their way through every chugging barrage of brutality, highlighting the technicality of a band who essentially set the stage for that aspect dating back to before most readers of this review were even born. It's not so much that there are heaps of nuance to dig through for varying degrees of secret treasures as much as it's a straightforward return to what helped shape this band as a unique leader in the scene in the first place.

Jacoby Kingston returns in monumental fashion, focusing entirely on vocals this time around and leaving bass duties to his replacement Ivan Munguia (of Odious Mortem renown), which simultaneously feels familiar and different. Kingston's bass work in previous offerings showed off elements of groove and had a distinct personality to it, but Munguia brings forth an untethered technical proficiency and marksmanship as evidenced by his work on Portals To Canaan that has become equally synonymous with the band's sound despite his comparatively brief tenure. Also contributing to the vocal responsibilities is the massive lineup of special guests, all of whom nail their parts and add an appreciated depth to the overall sound without being distracting about their presence. To properly analyze each performance would require a separate review in itself, and that really isn't the focus here. That scope zooms in on Lindmark's legacy and the countless bands that benefited from his tireless desire to expose the world to quality brutal death metal.

If you're already a Deeds fan, Nucleus is a worthwhile addition to the band's discography, if a little derivative of earlier releases. The production is expectedly masterful, the performance of everyone involved is understandably inspired, and the music itself checks all the boxes you want from an album like this. If this is a new name for you, or you've never done yourself the favor of exploring beyond reading the name of the band in a review, this is as good a place to start your journey as any.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 5
Production: 10


Written on 25.12.2020 by I'm total pro; that's what I'm here for.


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26.12.2020 - 21:10
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Its time to cry bro on your shoulder.
I know this band since 2005 on black metal radio epizide back then, was to brutal to me, but I re turnrd. To me this band in first 3 albums has best artwork from all BDM bands.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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