Voivod - Killing Technology review


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Band: Voivod
Album: Killing Technology
Release date: April 1987

01. Killing Technology
02. Overreaction
03. Tornado
04. Too Scared To Scream [bonus]
05. Forgotten In Space
06. Ravenous Medicine
07. Order Of The Blackguards
08. This Is Not An Exercise
09. Cockroaches [bonus]

So the T-800 right?

Simultaneously one of the most revered and overlooked bands in metal, Canada's Voivod are a band who have made a big mark with their work yet do not get the kudos they should. The album that saw the band hit the experiment button and transform themselves from a slightly out-of-step thrash band to one of random yet wildly entertaining experimental energy, Killing Technology was an important first step in a new direction for the band.

While the band were clearly moving in a new direction, fans of their old thrash sound (and thrash fans in general) find themselves with the perfect median and entry point between the band's old and new sounds, as Killing Technology is product of a band who were still thrash but were moving beyond the boundaries. Take "Too Scared To Scream" as an example: the production and drumming are clearly born from thrash metal, yet the song structure and guitars are far more experimental and jump around in a unique manner. The result is a best of both worlds scenario that is so rare in music.

There are tracks that feature more of one element than the other, weighting the balance in one direction rather than maintaining an even keel. "Ravenous Medicine" for example is somewhat jazzy and more experimental than say "Order Of The Blackguards", which has its feet more firmly on the thrash side of the mix. While both are skewed more to one side than the other, they still prominently feature elements of both, either through thrash guitars on the aforementioned "Ravenous Medicine" or an unconventional song structure in "Order Of The Blackguards". It is this ability to maintain balance when evidently not that is the true strength of Killing Technology.

It is testament to the abilities of those involved in the band that they were able to craft such unwieldy, yet no less catchy, songs that entertain and make you think in equal measure. The level of talent on show is enviable; while many stereotype thrash as one-dimensional, Voivod opens the door to so many new possibilities. From Piggy's left-field riffing a la "Cockroaches" to Away's ability to go from playing straight to switching up on "Tornado". The whole band commit to doing things differently, which leads to the impressive results throughout.

Yes, Killing Technology does have its shortcomings, though thankfully none of them are deal-breakers. The main issue would be the production of the album; sounding like a young up-and-coming punk band trying to pull off Dream Theater is an apt description of the production quality. For as good as Away plays his drums, each drum and cymbal does not sound as if it is a part of the same drum kit, with the snare being very punchy while the bass drum is flat and thudding to a somewhat disparate mix; while it does add to the chaotic and desperate atmosphere of the record, it does detract you somewhat from what is being played occasionally. Snake and Blacky are the lone exceptions to these productions issues, both sounding fine and well-placed in the mix, with tracks like "Forgotten In Space" seeing them sound as if the mix has been tailored to them.

If you are looking to expand your musical tastes or have yet to give Voivod a chance, then Killing Technology is a solid place to start from. Ideal for fans of Coroner and Watchtower, you too, will have ascended.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 7


Written on 12.01.2021 by Just because I don't care doesn't mean I'm not listening.


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12.01.2021 - 19:57
Like many old thrash albums, it could really use a remastering. The production is the only flaw in what is otherwise a brilliant record. Very few bands ever pulled off a three album stretch like what Voivod did with this and the next two.
13.01.2021 - 07:31
Written by JayMo4 on 12.01.2021 at 19:57

Like many old thrash albums, it could really use a remastering. The production is the only flaw in what is otherwise a brilliant record. Very few bands ever pulled off a three album stretch like what Voivod did with this and the next two.

100% on point. KT - Hatross - Nothingface is an incredible 3-album run
13.01.2021 - 21:43
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Sorts underated album, all 80s are ok, specially their thrash ones, 90s i dont dig those kiborgs. I stuck whit T1000
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