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Band: Grand Cadaver
Album: Madness Comes
Release date: February 2021

01. Madness Comes
02. Staff Of The Opressor
03. Blood-filled Skies
04. Fields Of The Undying

In these hard days there are two vaccine types. One is for the coronavirus but not everyone can have it yet. The other one is the pure metal vaccine and it's always available; this time, I offer you the death metal vaccine.

What happens when members of the old guard that have been playing and listening to metal since they were teenagers - but never played together - decide to start a new super group? The next question is what genre they should choose; since all of them have some death metal background, the logical move would be death metal. Mikael Stanne's name needs no introduction. Stefan Lagergren did play for a short period in Tiamat and death/doom band Expulsion. Daniel Liljekvist's roots are found in Katatonia and In Mourning. And Alex Stjernfeldt comes from the post-metal scene.

Now it's time to judge the sound, right? Well, this is like old school death metal mixed with death 'n' roll. Like, when old school Dismember welds together with the middle period of Aeon and modern formation The Duskfall. There are also Entombed vibes of both their death metal and their death 'n' roll era. And there is nothing from the band members' original bands.

The biggest question for me is this band's future. Can they tour and put a full-length album out? It depends because they are all busy with their main bands and Stanne tours 300 days per year, so he is a busy man. I can see a full-length being recorded further down the road and maybe some selected shows in Sweden, so we may have a chance to actually see them live. Maybe to someone it will be the same as seeing Dark Tranquillity in a varvet in the early '90s.

Carlsberg is probably the biggest brand of beer in the world but I don't drink it. Similarly, I don't give credit to a band just because there are big names in it. The only thing that makes this somehow work is Stanne. The rest is just death metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Bad English | 23.02.2021


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