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Verjnuarmu - Muanpiallinen Helevetti review


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Band: Verjnuarmu
Album: Muanpiallinen Helevetti
Release date: January 2006

01. Kurjuuvven Valssi
02. Vihankylyväjä
03. Noetavaeno
04. Jäläkeläenen
05. Tuljmyrskyt
06. Itkuvirsj'
07. Kuuvven Sylen Syvvyyvessä
08. Kalaman Kalapee
09. Laalavat Jouset
10. Kärähtäny Kylä

Amazing! fantastic! Savo Metal!

Who said you couldn't find any more interesting Metal acts nowadays? If that was you… shame on you! Just like a good woman, a good movie or even a good drink, this things got to be searched, you got to search to find. So I began searching once more again and I found this Finnish band, allegedly to be a Folk Metal band, but I can't really say this is Folk Metal.

First of all, do you think is Finnish what you're reading in the song titles? Well, kind of, Verjnuarmu sings in Savo, the largest dialect in Finnish language, and is supposedly the only Metal band singing in Savo. Talking about a rarity value!

The music of Verjnuarmu is simply astonishing, each song has hooks everywhere and each element falls right in place, with such excellent songwriting is almost impossible to dislike this album. The style is firmly rooted in plain old Metal with some influences from Folk, Death and even Gothic Metal. The vocals alternate between deep growls and amazing deep spine-chilling grand male vocals, I must say that this Savo dialect sounds so good!

The opening track is a great example of how you can make a different set of vocals work, giving each side its musical background, when the growls are in the front, the music is somber, almost Death Metal, but when the clean vocals enter the arena, the music becomes dreamy and really catchy. The same thing occurs with the second track, and the third one, and so on.

The production is well crafted, you can hear each instrument right in place, and the balance between the vocals and the music is crystal clear. The artwork and booklet is also something to look out, not to mention the weird costumes the band members use, which strangely enough, fit perfectly with the music, is one of those things you just can't explain.

Such a great find, I really feel proud of myself for finding this and showing it too all of you. Verjnuarmu plays a kind of Metal that is quite hard to classify and label, making of this record a constant spinner on my stereo. Looking for something new, fresh and innovative? Look no further.

Written by Undercraft | 13.04.2006



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Excellent! Verjnuarmu rules.

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