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Band: Enforced
Album: Kill Grid
Release date: March 2021

01. The Doctrine
02. UXO
03. Beneath Me
04. Malignance
05. Kill Grid
06. Curtain Fire
07. Hemorrhage
08. Blood Ribbon
09. Trespasser

Let's put some meat on those bones.

Enforced, not to be mistaken for Enforcer, as much as they do share some DNA for retro stuff and it seems that one does the active part in the enforcing and one the passive part; is a crossover thrash metal band from Virginia, USA. Means they got riffs and a punk attitude. I was won over by the riffs on their debut, At The Walls, and it seems like I wasn't the only one, considering that the band has since been signed to Century Media Records. And when an underground band suddenly moved to such a big label, there is a bit of angst as to whether they'll streamline their sound or keep the cred. Well, Kill Grid is here.

It is immediately obvious that the budget for Kill Grid is larger than the one for At The Walls, with the production doing a much bigger polishing job this time around. It is, of course a double edged sword, as the raw appeal of At The Walls is gone, but what comes instead is a razor-sharp barrage of riffs that sound utterly pummeling due to the production. And contrary to the expectations, Kill Grid is much heavier than its predecessor, with even more meat on the bones. The two guitarists of Enforced spend the record throwing meaty riff after meaty riff and breakneck paces and headbang inspiring rhythms. They're fast, groovy, and relentless. Put Knox Colby's hardcore shouts on top and you've got yourself into a wild ride.

At its 41 minutes of runtime, the packaging couldn't be better, providing just the right amount of neck-breaking riffs without any real need to reinvent the wheel. In a sea of thrash and similarly hardcore inspired records, Kill Grid showcases a brutality in its execution that perfectly encapsulates what makes the genre so appealing. It's not enough to have great riffs, fast drumming, and soaring vocals. You gotta transmit so much energy that the listener can't help but abuse their neck. Well, at least that's the part that one can do while social distancing, because damn, this one makes me miss the mosh pits. And sure, it's not the most original thing, but there's few similar bands out there that can even attempt anything like the 7-minute title track, with its ambient bookending, multiple pace changes, and the multitude of riffs. Pretty much the only breathing room you get on this record.

Kill Grid is pure blunt force trauma. Full of riffs from guitars and hefty hardcore vocals, and a more cohesive package than its predecessor.


Written on 21.03.2021 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.


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21.03.2021 - 20:12
A great mix of Slayer and Power Trip. Much better than the debut and a headbanger from beginning to end.
07.04.2021 - 09:29
Raven Of Death

Yes I agree with you

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