Godüs - Hell Fuck Demon Sound review


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Band: Godüs
Album: Hell Fuck Demon Sound
Release date: March 2004

01. Megatomic Nightmare
02. Hell Fuck Demon Sound
03. Storm Of Bullets
04. Atomic Condemnation
05. Tear Your Soul Apart
06. War, Blood & Agony
07. We Are Godüs
08. Triumphant Gleam [Darkthrone cover]
09. Outro

I don't really know why people still are forming Black Metal bands, is because is so easy to play? Or to produce? Some Black Metal bands are completely obsolete and pointless, and there's millions of them, and not coming only from Norway, country where the movement was spawned several years ago, Black Metal is one of the most popular genres in the underground scene of any country.

This time we'll focus in Spain, and Godüs first release "Hell Fuck Demon Sound" is pure old school Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone, (as a matter of fact, there's a cover of Darkthrone in the album), so if you don't like old school BM, stop reading.

As for me, I really find this quite unoriginal and repetitive, drum blasts, undecipherable shrieks, bad production, ugly cover art, not worth of my time, not to mention I'm not that big fan of Tr00 Black Metal.

This kind of bands should stop playing, I mean, I know every scene need some obscure bands and everything, but this is just boring, at least for me, maybe all of the "true" Blacksters out there might enjoy this. The promo sheet said, Extreme Black Metal, I rather describe it as Extremely Boring Black Metal.

Written by Undercraft | 30.06.2004


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