Carinou - Bound review

Band: Carinou
Album: Bound
Release date: 2004

01. Vivid
02. Purge
03. Whore
04. Alone
05. Trust
06. Bound
07. Mistress
08. Carinou
09. Chris
10. Dead

When I received this Cd, the info sheet claimed that this was a release of "Negative Metal", so my first question was, what the hell is negative Metal? Is some kind of weird experimentation? A new breed of Heavy Metal has brewed in Sweden?, cradle of some of the greatest Metal bands of all time… With great expectation I jammed this Cd into my stereo, just to listen some electronic samples, weird... must be an intro, after a while a great Black Metal shriek resounded in my ears, oh, is some kind of Black Metal experiment I thought, not it wasn't.

Let's put it this way, Negative Metal is some kind of electronic/synth new wave music with some Metal elements in it, the word "Negative" is because the lyrics are just pathetic claims from a guy that, I assume, has been dumped a million times, and doesn't have better things to do than jerk off and compose "Negative" music.

Nevertheless, I really liked the first song "Vivid" has a great chorus that I can't stop singing, next song is "Purge" a quite boring song, but the lyrics again are pure gold, like a mixture of Porn Grind with Doom Metal, I mean "I want to fuck until you fade away/I want your last breath to say my name/I want open up your chest (…) I want to cum inside you" and all that stuff.

The thing that kills the album is the annoying vocals of Frederik Soderlund, they're so whiny and thin, I think someone is stepping over this guy balls while he's singing this! But again, choruses are really Catchy, like "Whore" and "Trust".
Some will say that this can hardly be considered as Metal, it got some guitars and a couple of songs have a few seconds of rough vocals, but mostly this is synths and things that normally are considered pop, songs like "Chris" could be in a Pet Shop Boys album for God sake!

So, songs are catchy, vocals are terrible, some songs have Metal, some don't, some lyrics are pathetic, the other are… pathetic.
If you were a fan of eighties music and suddenly turned into Metal, this album could be the perfect marriage between both worlds, for the rest, proceed carefully.

Written by Undercraft | 06.08.2004


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