Jon Oliva's Pain - 'Tage Mahal review


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Band: Jon Oliva's Pain
Album: 'Tage Mahal
Release date: October 2004

01. The Dark
02. People Say - Gimme Some Hell
03. Guardian Of Forever
04. Slipping Away
05. Walk Alone
06. The Nonsensible Ravings Of The Lunatic Mind
07. No Escape
08. Father, Son, Holy Ghost
09. All The Time
10. Nowhere To Run
11. Pain
12. Outside The Door
13. Fly Away

I'm not a big fan of Savatage and honestly when I put the solo project of Mr Oliva in my stereo, I was really curious to see how it could be. My first words was "damn this is the metal version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" !!!"… but of course I know that Savatage and Oliva are not newcomers in this style of music and it's not a real surprise to see how this album sound… For sure if you liked Savatage before, you could like this album too…

The first word that I can say when I listen to this album could be "emotion". Yeah there is a lot of emotion in this album, and it must certainly come from this mix of, classical and even jazzy music with Metal but also because of the numerous and excellent backing chorus that we can hear in each tracks of the album. The songs, are all very catchy, not really easy of access but damn efficient each time, and it's hard to find in the style something really better…
The great parts in the music of Jon Oliva's Pains are certainly all the little Jazzy touch made by piano and also brass, that's original and pleasant and don't worry you'll also find good guitars riffs, and excellent guitars solo, but this originality gives something more to the music of the band. Don't worry all the songs of the cd are good in general, and maybe if this music, I must admit it, can be a bit boring for some of us with time, well in general if you like the real music, you couldn't be disappointed, but I say it again this music is not very easy of access…
The production is also excellent, another time with a band of Jon Oliva there is no problems, the sound is pure and really the mixing work is amazing, I can't find anything wrong in it…

Jon Oliva's Pain, "Tage Mahal" is a very good album of Heavy/Progressive metal, Oliva is a damn great singer and all the musicians of the band are good too, without any doubt if you like Heavy or Prog with in it some special touch of classical and jazz, "Tage Mahal" is a must have, that's same for the fans of Savatage don't worry you can buy this album. For the others well I think that you should have a look on it…

Written by Jeff | 22.10.2004



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Well i liked it, my favorite is walk alone

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