Omnium Gatherum - Years In Waste review


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Band: Omnium Gatherum
Album: Years In Waste
Release date: 2004

01. The Fall Went Right Through Here
02. Waste Of Bereavement
03. Misanthropic (Let The Crown Fall)
04. Black Seas Cry
05. It's A Long Night
06. No Moon & No Queen
07. Gravesilence
08. The Nolan's Fati
09. More Withering
10. Auguries Gone

Omnium Gatherum is a band that is not unknown to fans of Gothenburg Metal. When people talk about Omnium Gatherum, they say that it is a band that sounds very much like the old Swedish wave of gothenburg bands like: Inflames, At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity and similar bands but with the difference that they have a "Finnish feeling" to their music. And this can in fact be a good description of their music because although the band seems to be mostly inspired by Swedish bands, they somehow still have their own "Finnish sound". The band themselves also mentions many diverse bands such as; Katatonia, Opeth, Death, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest amongst their influences.

Years In Waste is the bands second album and I must say that when I received this promo and looked at the cover, I thought that this will be a slow and depressive album, because the cover contains a picture of a depressed guy looking down as if he is filled with sadness and sorrow, it even reminded me of doom metal covers, very artistic, sad and cold.

But I was deceived, because the music is fast and speedy, with two guitarists who are just pumping in lots of melodies accompanied by up tempo drums and catchy growls. The music also tends to create both a happy but also some kind of "cold" atmosphere which is typical for many melodic Scandinavian bands. However, what remain most notorious are all the melodies and solos that somehow never seem to end throughout the record.

In the end, I must say that although Omnium Gatherum is a band that is inspired by bands such as Inflames, Dark Tranquillity etc. I think they are even much better and more talented than the bands that have influenced them.

Written by Azhidahak | 06.11.2004


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Tristus Scriptor
I want to begin by getting something obvious out of the way. The vocals on this release are going to get bashed. It's inevitable. The guy sounds like a huge Lindberg fan who has been on the road, over-touring, and drinking too much in the process. And, as a person who has chosen to find something good in them, I found that I love this about them. Why? Man...I dunno. Probably the same reason that I prefer Mr. Johnny Cash's last recordings to his younger days. I can feel their struggle, their determination, their perseverance. But no, they aren't strong. But they work well. The emotive performance of this progressive-tinged melodeath band give the perfect backdrop for them.

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25.03.2008 - 00:57
Liver Failure
Great band, and very good album. Owe's nothing to In flames or arch enemy and others. I didn't understand the ''finnish feeling'', but it doesnt matter.
The artwork really looks like a doom metal cover xD.
Best tracks: ''Waste Of Bereavement'', ''Black Seas Cry'' and ''The Nolan's Fati''.

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