Babylon Mystery Orchestra - On Earth As It Is On Heaven review

Band: Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Album: On Earth As It Is On Heaven
Release date: March 2004

01. Descension
02. Semjaza's Song
03. Violation
04. A Celestial Kiss
05. Receive, Trust And Believe
06. Ravishing Music
07. Bleed
08. War Anthem
09. One Man
10. Heaven Can Wait
11. And The Waters Prevailed
12. Rainbow's End
13. Unrepentant

Second Cd from Sidney Allen Johnson, (for those with a fragile memory I reviewed before his "Divine Right Of Kings", the first effort of Babylon Mystery Orchestra, the project of Mr. Johnson.), last time I did liked the whole concept for the album, it was very intelligent and well-thought, sadly I found the music quite simplistic and at times boring.

Now I have the new release of BMO, and I hope to find new surprises and an improvement in his musical direction.

Two days pause. Heard the record 4 times.

Damn! the same stuff from the last record, Hard Rock with Gothic influences, a boring drum and that deep voice of Mr. Johnson, again I found the music too calm, too tranquil, I need aggression in this band, where did the hostility and the antagonism went?
It's a shame because I had a little of hope for BMO but I'm hearing the same stuff I listened in the previous record, with one difference, last time I found a couple of song I liked, now, no track really draw my attention.

At least not everything is a let down, the concept of the album is intriguing and complex as always, it deals with an ancient form of music, way before the history of the flood described in the bible, this music, which resembled the actual rock music, was used by Satan to corrupt humanity, also says that this music was included on the Dead Sea Scrolls…

Mr. Johnson is a man that takes his work as musician very seriously, he works hard for every release, and it shows, presentation is always flawless, from the cover art to the booklet, lyrics, introduction letter etc, he takes his job too seriously I must say, maybe is to compensate the final product, which, in my opinion is quite poor. Great concept and lyrics, boring and simplistic music, Mr. Sydney, why don't you leave Metal music behind and start writing books?

Written by Undercraft | 18.11.2004


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