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God Lives Underwater - Up Off The Floor review

Band: God Lives Underwater
Album: Up Off The Floor
Release date: September 2004

01. White Noise
02. Tricked
03. 1% (The Long Way Down)
04. Whatever You've Got
05. No Way (You Must Understand)
06. Slip To Fall
07. History
08. 72 Hour Hold
09. Miss You More Than Anything
10. Positivity

I was expecting yet another of those boring Nu-Metal releases when I received this and putted it aside for quite some time. But when it finally was time for this to be reviewed I was actually surprised, maybe not because it was good, but because it wasn't what I expected it to be.

As I never heard of God Lives Underwater (or GLU as the shorten their name) before, I didn't know what to expect, and it's easy to think about bad Nu-Metal when you hear the name, and that's what I did.
But what I got was pop-driven (and a little electro) alternative metal (it happens that Marilyn Manson pops up in my head while listening), no screamy Nu-Metal. Now that's not enough to save the entire album, but I have to say that this is better than the most of all Nu-Metal/Alternative albums I have received.

GLU has been around for a while; their self-titled EP was released in 1995. The main-mans behind GLU, David Reilly and Jeff Turzo grew up in Pennsylvania and ever since the debut EP they have experimenting with their music, but regarding to Reilly they've finally found the sound they have been looking for.

Now, that's not really enough to convince me, but Spanish Locomotive (or if it's Megaforce Records that owns the rights) seems to be convinced and released this album in October.
GLU's music is, as mentioned, very pop-driven; there are a lot of factors to strengthen that, but it's mainly the music and the vocals. You'll find the music very radio-friendly, there aren't a lot of harder or faster parts and the vocals are very poppy and clean, actually it's not much Metal at all, it's more Popish Rock. But it's those things that are the good things here, together with the production.

The bad things is actually the material, GLU might call this emotional and intense, but I find it a lot too simple and thanks to the popish elements, it's just too weak too break any bounds.
But fans of a little poppier Metal (or Rock might be a better way to describe it) might find something special, but for older fans of GLU I don't know, since the promo sheet says that they changed style a lot, and what style they played on the last album, I don't know, but try it, it's still David Reilly behind the mic and the lyrics.

Check Out: The pretty cool "Tricked" and the best song "Whatever You've Got" is worth checking up if you haven't got anything better to do.

Written by Malcolm | 22.12.2004


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