Vittorio Vandelli - A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven review

Band: Vittorio Vandelli
Album: A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven
Release date: 2004

01. Farewell Farewell, Thou Wedding-Guest
02. Beneath The Lighting And The Moon
03. My Heart As Dry As Dust
04. The Ocean Green
05. A Sadder And A Wiser Man
06. The Bay Is White In Silent Light
07. The Curse In A Dead Man's Eye
08. A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven
09. Whispers O'er The Sea
10. The Death-Fire Danced At Night
11. I Killed The Albatross
12. For The Sky And The Sea And The Sea And The Sky
13. The Moment I Could Pray
14. Singeth A Quiet Tune
15. Sails In The Sun

The question pops up, and it will pop up again after you read this review, what is this doing on a Metal webzine? This kind of music deserves a review on Metal Storm? Well, it really don't, but years have taught me that many, many Metalheads are quite fans of classical and electro tangents like EBM, darkwave Gothic music among other genres, so I'm here to review this album, Vittorio Vandelli "A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven".

Vittorio Vandelli is the main composer of Ataraxia, and has been on the band for more than a decade now; he decided to go solo in a project based in the famous poem of S.T. Coleridge "Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner" (like Iron Maiden did once), the result is this weird acoustic-ambient-darkwave experiment.

All the singing is work of Mrs. Francesca Nicoli, she has a good voice, but I'm afraid that after an hour it becomes a little bit unbearable, like the album does, and this is my main problem with this one, is too long and filled with repetitive elements like guitar arpeggios and some electronic insertions here and there.

Some songs though, really deserve a mention like "I Killed the Albatross", "The Death-Fire Danced At Night" and "The Moment I Could Pray", little masterpieces, but not enough to make this album great.
Too disperse to my taste; the vocals were a little annoying at times (especially when she talks) and the music is not that great, the result a quite boring album with some nice passages but with other quite uninteresting, this is definitively not for me, but the question really is. Is this for you?

Written by Undercraft | 27.12.2004


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