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God Among Insects - World Wide Death review


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Band: God Among Insects
Album: World Wide Death
Release date: September 2004

01. Legions Of Darkness
02. A Gush Of Blood
03. Headless Nun Whore
04. Wretched Hatching
05. Chainsawed Christians
06. Purified In Carnage
07. Uprising Of The Rotten
08. Severe Facial Reconstruction
09. Uhr-Nazuur

We all know Dark Funeral, We all know Hypocrisy, we all know Vomitory, some of us know The Project Hate, But Do we all know God Among Insects?.

Ok this band was formed in the year 2003 with members of the bands mentioned, it's a Death Metal band with some (few) black metal elements (I mean come on, the vocalists is Emperor Magus Caligula) anyway, let's talk about this album a little bit.

This album is very good, awesome you might say, the music is incredible, the drumming, even though it's not fast as a driller machine, it's astonishing and the guitar riffs are also great, very well executed, and incredibly catchy (missing some good solos tough) the vocals are…well…who is the vocalist for goodness sake, so expect everything from the vocals.

World Wide Death initiates with the brutal song "Legions Of Darkness" a 3 minute song, with blasting riffs and the most outstanding vocal display, it's not as catchy as the other songs in this album, but the brutality comes within this track and for the hypocrisy lovers this track will blow your mind off (the best thing comes in the end, a weird short scream, cool stuff indeed), another song that worth's highlighting is "Headless Nun Whore" another brutal track, with the best drumming in "World Wide Death", and man in the 1:02 minute comes a brutal yet catchy riff with it's extension in the 1:22 minute blasting stuff indeed.

Well the thing is, God Among Insects goes directly to the point, they do not go bluffing around with boring shitless intros or anything, every song enters with an awesome Brutal as hell riff, except for the 5th track "Chainsawed Christians" with only 2 intro seconds of a chainsaw and then a hellish riff and a cool chilling scream in the minute 1:39, there is no bad song in this album, even the last song "Uhr Nazuur" with the weirdest chorus in Death Metal history is good (Caligula starts screaming the title and it sounds very funny).

This album is just great, everything you can ask for in a band, Great production (even though it's their firs album the sound is clean as a new toilet), Dream Band members ( we have members of Dark Funeral, Vomitory, Sanctification, Hypocrisy, The Project Hate, What Else do you want?), and one of the best band names I've ever heard "GOD AMONG INSECTS" (come on isn't that the coolest name you've ever heard?). The only bad thing is that there's no good guitar solos, I know is not all about technique, but every good Death Metal band has it's good guitar leads right? Other than that World Wide Death is just Perfect.

Written by Herzebeth | 30.12.2004



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19.11.2010 - 08:09
Great review i agree fully, and this album has given me much pleasure. none of my friends seem to have heard of it though

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