Natron - Livid Corruption review


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Band: Natron
Album: Livid Corruption
Release date: December 2004

01. House Of Festering
02. Livid
03. Red Creeps
04. One Step In Murder
05. Hatemonger
06. Flatline
07. White Worms
08. Nyctophobic
09. The Dead Rise Above

Natron !!! Come on guys, if you like some brutal and technical Death Metal I think that you could have a look at this Italian band. If you don't know them, you must know that Natron is definitely not a new comer, their first album "Unpure" was released in 1996. Very brutal but also technical the Death metal of the band is really nice. If you like real Death, you must read this review...

When you'll listen to this album, the first question that you'll ask to yourself could be "why Natron isn't really famous ?". That's weird in fact, because the quality of the music of the band deserves to be known and that's a bit strange to see that Natron isn't a band on the top of the list. However, "Livid Corruption" could help them to win a real recognition.
The music of Natron is simple, in fact it's a real Death Metal, very heavy and loud, something more than aggressive but however very technical. I don't talk about something melodic, no, here we have a real classic Death but the guys of the band are some good musicians, and know how to play Metal with their instruments. The guitars solos are excellent, very technical in the real spirit of Death, and that's same with the drums which are really impressive.
The only problem maybe with this kind of album is the similitude between the songs, sometime, if you're not really familiar with such music, you could have the feeling that all the songs are the same, well not really evidently but we can't say the opposite, the brutality of the music can give this feeling. But you could see it, the songs are however well done, and you'll enjoy the nice acoustic song "White Worms" for example, yes we always find some sweetness and this brutal world… Another problem for me, the length of the album, 29 mins, argg that's short, we don't want the length of a some Prog Metal bands but please could we have more in the future?

Don't worry excepted these two little problems this is a good album of Death Metal and it's good to see that some bands are again able to do this music. I think that "Livid Corruption" will give you a good example of the quality of the music of the band and no doubt that now we will hear about them. If you like Death, no doubts this album without any pretensions is a must for you, this is well done and I will recommend it to you…

Written by Jeff | 19.01.2005


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