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Aesthesia - Drawn To The Flame review

Band: Aesthesia
Album: Drawn To The Flame
Release date: 2003

02. High Octane
03. Drawn To The Flame
04. Fire Away
05. Till I Found You
06. Coming Back For You
07. Born To Rock
08. Devil's Dance
09. Evil Within
10. Crazy World
11. Raising Hell

God why I must sometimes review Cd's like this? I want to be a good boy and give everyone high ratings, but if you come and drop this under my door, what I'm suppose to do? Well, news flash, I'm not a good guy, and if a band delivers such poor performance of music, I'm gonna strike them down.

Let the war begin. This is a watered down version of 80's glam rock with some ZZ Top, the info sheet names some Progressive influences, but honestly I can't find those anywhere, the only thing I heard in the 11 songs this record contain was boring songs with no innovation whatsoever.

I'm not going to review the album track by track because I don't want to bash the band with no apparent reason, I just want to say that I didn't find anything worth mentioning in any song, sure, some are catchy, but the songs in supermarkets are also catchy !

Even the cover art is not worth the time looking at it! Looks like a photoshoped image of a camp fire… really poor!
I'm just making a point here, what's the purpose of releasing such a poor record? this record is mediocre from the artwork to the music, so, if you're up for some second rate Heavy Metal with some Hard Rock, get this one, if not, get something else, or spend your money in something that at least is worth listening.

Written by Undercraft | 28.01.2005



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