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Hibria - Defying The Rules review


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Band: Hibria
Album: Defying The Rules
Release date: 2004

01. Intro
02. Steel Lord On Wheels
03. Change Your Life Line
04. Millenium Quest
05. A Kingdom To Share
06. Living Under Ice
07. Defying The Rules
08. The Faceless In Charge
09. High Speed Breakout
10. Stare At Yourself

Hibria is the new KILLER band from Porto Alegre Brazil. I have the luck to listen to a lot of CD every month but believe me it's hard to find a lot bands of such high quality especially in the classic Heavy Metal scene. You understand me, Hibria is THE real Heavy Metal surprise of the end of the year 2004 and I'm more than happy to give you the chance to discover this excellent young combo. Start your engines and follow me in this Heavy Metal Arena !!!

After two demos, "Defying The Rules" is the first official album of this Heavy Metal band from Brazil. I was sure that we have some jewels in South America, we already knew, Angra Shaman or Sepultura which come from Brazil, but now we will have to remember this name: Hibria.
Between, Saxon, Judas Priest this combo plays a powerful Heavy Metal, in the spirit of the great bands of 80's but with a great melodic touch especially for the guitars solos which remember the talent of a young Angra. The music of the band is strong, heavy with powerful electric riffs, but before all that's the quality of the choruses and the melodies which will give you a real kick in the ass. That's simple, all the songs of the album are catchy and the two excellent guitarists who are able to play amazing solos in addition of the excellent very good and high voice of the singer in the true Heavy Metal spirit are just the confirmations of the excellent level of the combo.
Nice compositions of classic Heavy (yeah that's Heavy don't expect any forms of Power in the music of Hibria) this album is a fucking surprise for me, because honestly I never expected something like that for a newcomer and plus, I don't know a lot of bands which are able to produce such masterpieces like this "Change Your Life Line", "Millennium Quest" or "A Kingdom To Share"…humm well all the song in fact…this is really incredible….
And believe me, we have a bunch of great musicians in this band, not only the singer and the guitarists but also the demoniac "double bass pedal" Drummer and the very technical bassist (you'll see the parts of the bass are absolutely complex and incredible…). All the instruments are omnipresent on this recording, that's happiness no more…
In fact the only problem of the CD come from the production which is not bad at all, but it could be a bit better. I whish that the band could have the luck to record this CD with a good old German producer, "Defying The Rules" could be a pure masterpiece. And I don't talk about the excellent t artworks in the pure Manga style which like the music of the band represent perfectly the Heavy Metal spirit of the band…

Damn my friends we have something here I can't say anything more, I love this album, what a great band! If they don't have a great career like their Brazilians older, then I don't understand anything, but I'm not afraid because this band is good and they will explode soon and become one evidently one of the leaders of the Brazilian Metal. Nothing to say, "Defying The Rules" is best album from an Heavy Metal newcomer of the year 2004, If you like real Heavy Metal you must buy it or die !!!

Written by Jeff | 08.02.2005



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26.03.2007 - 19:19
Account deleted
Damn this album is good. Incredible lyrics by the way. Just can't get any better. 10/10 all the way!
02.01.2008 - 01:19
Awesome stuff, hoping for some info about the upcoming album soon!
11.04.2008 - 09:49
I should probably look into this.
03.04.2009 - 09:23
Liver Failure
Damn... 2004 was a great year for brazillian metal. Tuatha's ''Trova di danu'', Angra's ''Temple of Shadows'', Krisiun's ''Blodshed'' (I like it ), Soulfly's ''Prophecy'' and now this one, that I have never listen before, but end up being the best of the year.

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07.04.2009 - 11:03
Yea this album is really great. Rating deserved

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
30.07.2009 - 18:00
Kib Thanyarath
Fantastic ! i love every songs on this album !!!!! totally amazing !!!!!!
31.01.2011 - 19:17
Ok....I'm surely checking this out soon.....thnx for the recommendation.
13.02.2012 - 06:18
I'm Brazillian, so, YEAHHHHHHHH! I love Hibria and its songs are amazing!
I struggle to "try" to sing like Iuri Sanson (lead singer), but its very hard and tiring. Anyway, Live long Heavy Metal!
13.02.2012 - 07:04
One of the best albums released last decade. Solid as ever and the energy is just bursting out of your speakers
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