Opeth - Morningrise
24 June 1996

01. Advent
02. The Night And The Silent Water
03. Nectar
04. Black Rose Immortal
05. To Bid You Farewell
06. Eternal Soul Torture [2000 reissue bonus]

Before we get to this album, I would like to get an answer to a rather difficult question. Exactly what is Opeth's style ? The riffs are similar to progressive, but Opeth also has death vocals mixed with clean ones and acoustic guitars, plus on top of that the whole album has a dark atmosphere that surrounds the listener each time he/she listens to it. Here you will find everything, aggression and emotion, calm and anger, heaviness and mellowness, everything in one song, yet never sounding like different parts, but always in a flow.

The whole album consists of five wonderful songs and from those songs comes that unbeliavable energy that Opeth has as a progressive/death metal band. The shortest song on this brilliant album is 'Nectar' with ?only? 10:08 while 'Black Rose Immortal', which is my personal favourite song from them 'til today, lasts 20 minutes. All of these songs are perfect just the way they are.

Band profile: Opeth
Album: Morningrise


written by marco | 18.09.2003

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Actually, many people know Opeth. It is a love it or hate it band. You can love how the music flows without following typical structures. You won't expect those heavy riffs after the relaxing acoustic break. But you can hate how each song looks like some random riffs put together. Well, this review is from one who does love, at least, this album.

published 22.07.2006 | Comments (27)

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Many questions have been asked of the style and coherence of Opeth's music. Yet despite the debate and questioning Opeth remain one of the world's leading metal bands. The first of a long line of excellent albums by Opeth was released following their debut Orchid the year before. Morningrise is often regarded as the defining album for the band with a diverse range of sounds, often confusing in composition but nevertheless contrived expertly. It is an epic album full of epic songs, with elements of Death Metal and acoustic blues to mix things up. The album progresses and weaves through a barrage of riffs, solos and an undying unprecedented patience and passion for the music expressed by Mikael Akerfeldt.

published 01.10.2009 | Comments (19)


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Ellrohir - 30.09.2009 at 11:00  
My most favorite album of theirs...
K†ulu - 21.12.2009 at 10:25  
I have been listening a lot to this album in the last couple of days and I found myself unable to define its genre. I don't think it is Death Metal. It has extreme vocals, but the music something else. There are certain folk moments, Dark Tranquility-like riffs, and a Black Metal feel to it. But then I wouldn't really call this Progressive either. Totally vague right now.
Mr. Doctor - 21.12.2009 at 13:26  
Written by K†ulu on 21.12.2009 at 10:25

Totally vague right now.

That's why nowdays I use two labels: Good Music and Bad Music
K†ulu - 21.12.2009 at 13:38  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 21.12.2009 at 13:26

Written by K†ulu on 21.12.2009 at 10:25

Totally vague right now.

That's why nowdays I use two labels: Good Music and Bad Music

Nonono, that's totally subjective... You can use Music-that-i-like and Music-that-i-don't-like labels.
Mr. Doctor - 21.12.2009 at 13:41  
Written by K†ulu on 21.12.2009 at 13:38

Nonono, that's too subjective... You can use Music-that-i-like and Music-that-i-don't-like labels.

Pfffff, what the F***... I decide what's good or not
Regolith - 27.09.2011 at 20:24  
Great album. Every single song is good. The recording qaulity is sub-par but, hey, it was '96. 'The Night and the Silent Water' is my personal favorite. The acoustic part is beautiful.

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