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Iced Earth - Dark Genesis review


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Band: Iced Earth
Album: Dark Genesis
Release date: November 2001

Disc I [Iced Earth]
01. Iced Earth
02. Written On The Walls
03. Colors
04. Curse The Sky
05. Life And Death
06. Solitude
07. The Funeral
08. When The Night Falls

Disc II [Night Of The Stormrider]
01. Angels Holocaust
02. Stormrider
03. The Path I Choose
04. Before The Vision
05. Mystical End
06. Desert Rain
07. Pure Evil
08. Reaching The End
09. Travel In Stygian

Disc III [Burnt Offerings]
01. Burnt Offerings
02. Last December
03. Diary
04. Brainwashed
05. Burning Oasis
06. Creator Failure
07. The Pierced Spirit
08. Dante's Inferno

Disc IV [Tribute To The Gods]
01. Creatures Of The Night [Kiss cover]
02. Number Of The Beast [Iron Maiden cover]
03. Highway To Hell [AC/DC cover]
04. Burnin' For You [Blue Öyster Cult cover]
05. God Of Thunder [Kiss cover]
06. Screaming For Vengeance [Judas Priest cover]
07. Dead Babies [Alice Cooper cover]
08. Cities On Flame [Blue Öyster Cult cover]
09. It's A Long Way To The Top [AC/DC cover]
10. Black Sabbath [Black Sabbath cover]
11. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden cover]

Disc V [Enter The Realm]
01. Enter The Realm
02. Colors
03. Nightmares
04. Curse The Sky
05. Solitude
06. Iced Earth

This is the ultimate 5cd Iced earth box set you can't live without. It includes "Enter The Realm" (their demo which led to their recording deal with Century Media)? now on cd for the first time ever.

Remastered, remixed, and repacked editions of their first 3 studio albums : "Iced Earth", " Night Of The Stormrider", "Burnt Offerings" and last but not least the new "Tribute To The Gods" which features cover versions of Kiss, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and other classic bands + 32 page booklet with liner notes and rare photos.

I must say it really kills! Just listen to the new and remastered version of Dante's Inferno from "Burnt Offerings" metal doesn't get much better than this. The only bad thing I can say about this box set is that the print on the cd's doesn't fit the titles, for an example is "Burnt Offerings" printed with "Iced Earth" and vice versa, but hey? as long as the music is okay?

Well... why are you still sitting there? Go get this box set!! There is only 8000 copies worldwide.

Written by Allan | 18.09.2003


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