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Band: Dol Ammad
Album: Star Tales
Release date: 2004

01. Dreamport
02. Eclipse (Corona Of The Sun)
03. Weaver's Dance
04. Boxed Daylight Part 1
05. Boxed Daylight Part 2
06. The Veil (Seven Face Danger)
07. Back To The Zone
08. Master Of All
09. The Hill Of Hope
10. Kruug
11. Vortex 3003
12. Mission Butterfly

Is great when you review a Demo, and you predict great things for the band. Is also great when you see a band taking their first steps, and then you witness them on the road to greatness. This is the case with Greeks Dol Ammad. A couple of years ago I reviewed their Demo and I was impressed with the quality and originality of the music, now, and as I predicted, they're signed and with a debut album on their sleeve, entitled "Star Tales".

Dol Ammad music is quite strange, in case you missed them; they play a mix of symphonic Metal with a 12-piece choir with electronic music, the chances you've heard something like this are quite rare, to compare it as Therion with electronic elements would be quite erroneous, think it as a ambitious project from one man, Thanasis Lightbridge, the brains behind Dol Ammad.

Since their demo a lot of things have changed, line-up changes and new members, like Alex Holzwarth (from Rhapsody fame) is now handling the drum duties, also, the production of the Cd is top notch, each element and each sample is where it should be. The cover art that graces the Cd is excellent, I couldn't think of another cover art for the music Dol Ammad plays, so in presentation, this really deserves a 10.

To the music itself, the album starts with an electro-synth intro called "Dreamport" after 3 minutes the intro becomes the excellent opener "Eclipse (Corona Of The Sun)", a powerful track that is the best presentation card of Dol Ammad. Next is "Weaver's Dance" a mid paced yet aggressive song, the beeps and bleeps are always there giving texture to the music, the electronic influence that Dol Ammad uses is taken from Electronic genres such as Trance music and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) or so it seems.

"Boxed Daylight" is a moody 2-part song, both tracks are easy listening and have great arrangements, "The Veil" is a mysterious song with a dark side to it, "Master Of All" is quite catchy, the whole composition is very "happy" if I can use the word, the electronic samples on this one are quite cool also, "The Hill Of Hope" is another song featured in their 2002 Demo, is so good to hear those songs revamped with real drums and good production, "Vortex 3003" is an aggressive song that relies in the keyboards like most of the songs. Closer track "Mission Butterfly" is a 10 minute composition that really shows us what these guys can accomplish!

My only complain of the album is the lack of new songs, I mean, 6 songs here are from the Demo, and we have 3 instrumentals/intro songs, that leaves us with only 3 new songs, but is ok, I understand that not everybody got the chance to hear their Demo, so is no big deal.
The bottom line, excellent album, of course better than the Demo, Dol Ammad has created a new way of making music, they saw what was lacking in the Metal scene: originality, and they injected that in their music, the result, an overdose of musical creativity.

Written by Undercraft | 08.03.2005



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14.12.2006 - 00:30
This album is as awesome as original. Electronic. Symphonic. Operatic. Spacial. And even metal. It's accessible yet heavy. Has vocals but no lyrics. Really good shit
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23.02.2007 - 16:04
But how i did not notice this one. A good Symphonic like this band is awesome . I highly recommend this album and also their new one .
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28.02.2007 - 21:49
I have bought this album and also their new one. I was impressed with their orginality . Great music , great symphonic metal way. Perfect for me. Thanks to Undercraft i have another band in my top band list
"For what point has this life if you can't realise your dreams?" -- The Divine Comedy
18.10.2007 - 01:21
Account deleted
Dude, i just heard this band yesterday, its awesome, very original, im in shock, really impressed with this album, i have not hear their last album, but ill try to find it, men i cannot figure out why this band isnt know by the people. ITS AWESOME
18.09.2009 - 11:24
Heaven Knight
This sounds like an album i should check out
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14.12.2010 - 16:04
I've discovered this band yesterday and I am already very satisfied.
Really great musical journey throught many fascinating sounds and melodies
It's something, that fans of Therion, Kamelot, Luca Turilli stuff and Bal-Sagoth definately should listen.
23.12.2010 - 16:17
What a perfect album xD
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