V8 Wankers - The Demon Tweak review

Band: V8 Wankers
Album: The Demon Tweak
Release date: 2005

01. Bad Ass Boys
02. I Got The Hammer Down
03. We Give Rock A Bad Name
04. Prolehead
05. San Francisco
06. Road 2 Ruin
07. Acceleration Nation
08. From Zero To Hero
09. Great Racer
10. Good Ass
11. My Motor Burns
12. No One Says No To The V8Wankers
13. Possessed By Rock'N'Roll

Amateurs of beers, girls, rock "n" roll, tattoos, powerful cars… I have something for you. As you can see on the cover of the last album of the Germans of V8 Wanckers we're in front of some "tattooed" rockers who certainly come from Hell. Start your engine press on the accelerator and let's go for a race with these "Hot Wheels®" freak (just have a look at the Logo of the bands guys!!!).

Haha well we have something here, actually I must already say it, this album is not a synonym of originality, the riffs, the singing and especially the drums lines are really linear that's not really original but on the other hand this is really addictive. I mean that this album is rock "n" roll like hell and if you like guitars and parties this is a must really.

The 13 songs of the album are catchy, that's the strong point of the band, that's maybe really conventional with a pure Hard Rock in the spirit of an AC/DC or Motorhead and basic lyrics and riffs but I'm sorry this kind of music is always good to listen to. Who will say here that they don't like to be with friends, drinking beers and listening some good old Hard Rock? That's actually the spirit of "The Demon Tweak", they play for fun and nothing more then don't expect any intellectual jerk, that's the true rock "n" roll spirit and it's good to have the luck to do some break sometime.

I suppose that you understand that "The Demon Tweak" is not the perfect or the most influential release of the year but actually I don't care and when I listen to this album I just want to party with my mates and have some drinks. I suppose that it is the same for the members of the band who at least know how to play a catchy Hard Rock. A CD especially made to be played with the maximal volume on the stereo of your car… (but please no drinks and beers before and during your drive...)

Written by Jeff | 20.04.2005


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